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Diary of a Bitter Poet: Today I remembered you

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1 year ago

I remembered you being in my bed in the morning, I had an instant excitement, many perverse thoughts I felt so dirty and impure, I would like not to be this way I swear. I tried to reason with my mind and a voice inside me tells me that I cannot do both I cannot curse a demon and pouring holy water on it is incongruous. But I remember when we unleash on nights of lust imagining you in my bed naked, I imagine your entire body in a silk robe showing your figure My excitement returned once more. It is your fault every time I see your sensuality, my mind goes crazy it does not reason, my heart does not help me because the desire for you betrays it, I wish I could undress you at all times but it is not alone, I feel dirty again, and that voice in my head is right, sometimes there are no feelings, sometimes it's just the bed and uncontrolled sex. It is that you do not understand that I love you and I do not understand that you only want me, everyone gives what they have, you prefer sex And me?... I prefer love✒️🍷

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