Social, political, economic, and cultural issues in the Philippines.

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Social Issues in the Philippines

-                                    There are many social issues from now and then that the Philippines experience.  Throughout the centuries we still experience these issues and the government still can find a way to settle and provide solutions into these. These happenings led to continuously sufferings of the Philippines to these issues. Some of the Social issues that Philippines have are; wrong management of justice system, the state of prison, alongside with prison abuse.


                              Here in the Philippines, in the field of justice system, sometimes we can notice that riches people in here have much more power and upper hand when it comes to justice, leaving the poor one who also seek for justice behind and in a disadvantage.  Rich people are using their connections and influences to escape punishment when they are the offenders. The issue in the justice system started with this and I think that up until now many are still experiencing this here in the Philippines. Letting the word Justice be a meaningless one since then because of this.


                               Another social issue that Philippines have is the issue in the state of prison here. There are many things that we are lacking that’s why it led to an overcrowded, lacked infrastructure and provided inadequate medical care and nutrition. We failed to manage in this field that’s why it led to this. Alongside with this, there are also cases and issues that appeared regarding the prison abuse. Unfortunately, police abuse those prisoners and kept them quite and some cases led to death because of this.



 ►Political Issues in the Philippines

-                                       Political issues are also common in the Philippines. One of these are mainly corruption in politics. Instead of focusing in the current issues of the Philippines, the politicians are only getting involve in corruption. Filipino often addressed it as “Pagnanakaw ng kaban ng bayan” the taxes that have been collected from the people of the Philippines are only stolen by politicians and used it as if it is originally from them. Because of this many people suffered from this and not only them but also the economy of the Philippines.

                                Politicians are not only involved in corruption, sometimes they are also involved in crime, like drug trafficking and smuggled goods. It seems like other politicians are not responsible for their own responsibility as a server of the Philippines. These Political issues have a really big impact and made the citizens of the Philippines suffer more even.

   ►Economic Issues in the Philippines

-                                        Economy is a very important factor in every factor. Mainly other country also aims to enhance their economy as much as possible because it will not only benefit the country but also the citizens of it. Here in the Philippines, we experience issues when it comes to our economy like the unemployment rate, labor migration and even poverty.


                                One of the common economic issue here in the Philippines is the high unemployment. In comparison with other countries we have a much higher rate of unemployed people. The employment growth can’t even reduce the number of people that is unemployed, because of the rapid increase of the population and increase labor force participation. We have been facing this issue for a long period of time and up until know we still can’t find a way to settle this issue. And because of this issue it also led to another economic issue which is poverty. Because of the number of people that is unemployed is much more than those who have jobs, it led to poverty.

                                Poverty is considered the most common economic issue in the Philippines that we are still experiencing from a long period of time up until now. We still can’t find solution on how are we going to overcome or even just lessen the case of poverty in our country. And as the years passed by the cases are just getting bigger. I think that if only the government will focus in this issue, we’ll be able to think of somethings else that will help us to overcome this.


                              Lastly, the labor migration. Because of low income here in the Philippines other employees are migrating to other country to have a bigger income to provide a sufficient income to their families here in the Philippines.  


Cultural Issues in the Philippines

-                                    Aside from having economic, political and social issues, the Philippines are also facing cultural issues. Some of the cultural issues that we have been encountering is the violence against women.


                            Ever since back then we have people tend to look on women in a low perspective. The discrimination and the stereotypes that have been around since then and up until now that the women are weak and has a low position in the society. Because of this they are also the one who is much prone with abuses and rapes. There are many cases women abuse and rapes that have appeared every day and those cases are still increasing as the years passed by. This seem. It only proves that the society haven’t still settle the issue in regarding to this and most of the time they still see women like this up until now. Even though in this generation there are organizations that have been appeared in order to claim the rights of the women in regarding to this, awakening and giving awareness to the mind of the people in regarding with the women’s role in the society and their rights as a human too.


                              This issue is only one of those cultural issue that Philippines have and in order for us to settle and solve this issue, we need to view everything in a wide perspective. I know that as a citizen of this country we’ll also be able to do something and help one another to overcome this.

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