If something happens..

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1 year ago

Please be able to do this: 

If I told you I want to leave,

Please hold onto me,

Help me let go of the grief,

Let’s choose to be together.

If I am mad at you,

Please be patient with me,

I might roll my eyes and turn around,

Make and bring me tea.

If I am not talking to you,

I need to see things through,

Give me answers to understand,

And don’t entertain anyone.

If I was wrong,

Correct and educate me,

I can be stubborn and not listen,

But you love me, you have no choice. 

If I am not listening,

You know how to get my attention,

Please be gentle though,

But I think I can handle the hard way.

If I hug you out of nowhere,

It’s because I feel overwhelmed,

Could be by you, us, or them

I might be having a hard time also. 

If I kiss you too much,

It only means I love you.

If I shout at you,

I don’t mean to do it.

If I say sorry, 

I mean it so much.

If I hold your hand,

Don’t you dare to let go.

If I say I hate you,

I hate you because I love you too much

And I care for you. 

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This is very nice. I just what lovers should do.

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1 year ago

What a poem, I lobe it . I read it many times I just feel like you are talking to me.

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1 year ago