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Rivian membership program Tesla and Ford tremble

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2 months ago
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Rivian's membership program offers roadside assistance and unlimited freight access. This new Rivian service has made other brands see how far Rivian has come in a short period of time.

Rivian R1T. / Photo: Cortesía Rivian


    It's an exciting time for both the electric vehicle and pickup truck segments. Customers await the arrival of the all-electric F-150 Lightning, the Tesla Cybertruck and the Hummer EV. However, electric vehicle start-up Rivian will likely beat out the larger automotive companies to make the first EV pickup truck available to customers with its innovative Rivian R1T pickup. Now, electric vehicle customers may have yet another reason to buy a Rivian. The EV automaker recently announced its membership program, and its benefits are quite spectacular.

Rivian's membership program includes an extensive list of generous benefits:

Unlimited charging at no cost through Rivian Adventure Network and all Rivian Waypoint chargers. Off-road assistance, including adventure extraction, will send you a recovery vehicle if you get stranded in the desert.

Charge Assurance, support assistance or support to recharge your vehicle if you run out of battery.

Unlimited access to 4G LTE connectivity.

Guided experiences: unique meetings and adventures with other Rivian members. Miles to be rewarded Rivian drive will also include renewable energy sources, such as solar and wind, and will include educational programs, stewardship meetings and activities for children.

The exact cost of the exclusive membership for Rivian customers is not yet known, but it is clear that once the customer acquires a vehicle of this category, the membership will be free for a limited time on a trial basis, once they have access to it, the free membership period will expire and it can be purchased on a paid basis to enjoy all the benefits that have been mentioned and others that the creator may include without giving so many details to the press.

It is clear that for Ford and Tesla Rivian is a strong competition under the modality of including optimal details for customer support wherever they are, because the manufacturing of EV cars in their high range, generates great expectations for users and large owners of intelligent electronic vehicles.

Rivian will be able to create a unique community with the right to gradually expand the range of adventures and extravagances that every Rivian RIT driver will have access to, which is why Rivian is committed to a community that cares for and creates a connection with the environment, impacting downstream environmental pollution levels, which would bring a positive impact as it would be a bolder way to engage with green and sustainable credentials.

Overall, the generous membership program is a smart move by Rivian, as it makes the purchase of a Rivian vehicle even more attractive to potential customers. We can only hope that Tesla and Ford will adopt new strategies for their customers within the exclusive membership program.

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2 months ago
Topics: News
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