Single player fishing simulation: Fishing Adventure

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I'm reviewing the Fishing Adventure game, which was released towards the end of 2019 and will be released on the Xbox console on August 13, 2021.

In today's article, we examine and evaluate the Fishing Adventure game in detail, which was released for the PC side on November 1, 2019, then added to the Nintendo Switch side and will come to the Xbox One and Xbox Series X|S consoles on August 13, 2021. Developed by MasterCode and published by Ultimate Games, Fishing Adventure is a single-player fishing simulation.


+ It is quite enjoyable to sail into the water by boat

+ Fishing in peace while watching the water

+ Focus on a different genre


- The animation structure is very bad

- Plenty of map variety but very limited space available

- Background sound effects in an endless loop

- Cannot change control scheme and browse

- Optimization issues

- There is an endless "grinding" loop

Sunk fish goes sideways

The game comes out as a pure fishing simulation and does not contain any story. The production, which says "I am a mobile game" with the button on its main menu, welcomes us with a peaceful ambiance with birds chirping from the moment we enter the map selection screen and step into Poland, one of the countries it first presented to us.

Before I started fishing in Fishing Adventure, I was wandering around in this atmosphere that I thought was peaceful, accompanied by bird chirping, and trying to explore the map, tearing and teleporting, even though the game was running at a constant 60 FPS at the highest settings. However, when I realized that the area to explore provided to the players on the map was extremely limited, I decided to find a small pond and go fishing. Later on, I realized that the tearing and teleporting events I mentioned are actually an indispensable part of the game's animation system and that they process almost all animations in this way.

First of all, if we talk about Fishing Adventure's fishing interface and gameplay, we can say that it is at an adequate level; but the way the animations work is really overly glaring. For example, while adjusting the intensity of your fishing line and throwing it into the water, the camera of the game focuses you on the targeted point with a straight and fast transition effect, while the shooting animation is completed, completing the animation in this way.

Endless problems and a few details

While the game makes you feel the contraction and optimization problems to the end even at a constant 60 FPS, it can be quite frustrating to complete most animations with a "magic teleport". In addition, although the gameplay is simple, you do not encounter any tutorials when you enter the game, you cannot see and change the keyboard controls in the settings. Although the fishing side is beautiful and ordinary, it is designed in a very simple way. While this type of simulation game is expected to offer more variety to the players and promise a more realistic experience, fishing is just a matter of right-clicking when the top blue cursor is down, fixing the fish and then pulling the fishing line.

Each country in the game offers players different types of fish and another small map where they can fish, and you can rent a boat or buy it permanently in these maps. My favorite part of Fishing Adventure was this kayak rental and purchase system. While getting on your boat and rowing, it can be really peaceful to cast your fishing line in the middle of the water and watch the water fluctuate. You get used to the atmosphere that the game offers you and you start to ignore the teleporting animations, this time bird chirps come into play.

This sound effect, which I mentioned at the beginning of the review, continues forever and repeats itself forever in the game unless it rains. Normally, these chirps add peace and realism to the atmosphere of the game, but the fact that the same sound effect is put in an endless loop without any change can really start to scratch your head.

If we talk about the fishing part, after catching a fish, we have two options as "sell" or "leave it". Selling the fish earns you a certain amount of coins, while leaving it gives you extra experience points. You can spend the coins you earn on various things in the game and with your experience points, you can open new maps by exceeding various levels (a certain amount of coins comes when you level up). If you want to rent the boat for a while, you have to pay 100 coins, if you want to own it permanently, you have to pay 5000 coins, but at the beginning of the game it is very difficult to make money by selling fish, so you have to play to level up. As you level up, you earn a certain amount of in-game money and you can unlock countries with new fish species.

In addition, although the gameplay part is very well thought out, it could not be transferred to the application side. In particular, the animation side is very disturbing to the player, while the game has a mobile game atmosphere in general. As a simulation build, the overall variety and replayability it offers to players is pretty low. Fishing Adventure has become an endless cycle of the system we call "grinding", with these elements I mentioned, while going through excessive repetition in itself.

My last word

As of now, we have come to the end of our game review. Fishing Adventure, with its structure that restricts you in general, and the teleporting animations it contains, optimization problems, the endlessly repetitive "grinding" system, and the insufficient variety it offers, is a production that makes the player quite bored. If such negativities I mentioned do not bother you and if you are looking for a low-priced production in the form of a mobile game such as "Let me catch a fish or two", it is among the productions you can choose. Except that one; I do not recommend this production for players who are looking for a realistic fishing simulation with as few optimization problems as possible, and who want a little variety in the game. Although Fishing Adventure is a well thought out game, unfortunately it has been a very weak game in the application part.

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