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My Favorite Game Series FIFA 21

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3 weeks ago

Hello everyone. Today, we will examine FIFA 21, the last game of the FIFA series, which we call itself repeating itself in recent years. There is a lot to be said for this new game, which I force myself to see differences while playing but can capture very fine details. EA's strategy for the series started to taste a bit zucchini. Without further ado, I go straight to the game.

The biggest change that stands out in the popular football game this year is that they have changed the interface theme they have been using for a long time. A new theme has now been chosen that plays blue and dark blue rather than light colors. Although the interface is technically the same, the changing color palette makes you feel like "using something new" during your time here. I guess it's the same strategy EA has followed for FIFA over the years. Each year they make you feel "like you are playing something new" and the game supposed to be new cannot go any further than that.

The fact that the interface has darker colors actually draws the player a little bit. So much so that I can say that it was less tiring for me when I was going through the panels and examining what I should read and see in various game modes. In this sense, the "change-like" initiative has been good. The main menu looks more compact. The Volta mode, which was added to the game last year and will not be left without getting bored, is among the game modes that you can play with FIFA 21 this year.

Volta mode is here again this year

The Volta mode was liked when it first came and it brought a new breath to the series, but I cannot say that I liked it that much this year. The basic logic is based on the story, and the real thing is street football. First you participate in simple tournaments, then an organizer discovers you, he will help you to participate in the Dubai tournament. Of course, before that, you have to beat the invited teams for the tournament that will take place in Dubai. You beat the teams one by one in different types of matches on different fields. These come in the form of matches with or without a 3v3 wall, with or without a goalkeeper, and with a 5v5 goalkeeper, again depending on the field conditions, such as wall and width. After defeating all four teams, they invite you to the Dubai tournament AND YOU HAVE A REPEAT MATCH WITH THESE FOUR TEAMS. This place is a little disappointing, you have to beat the same teams in Dubai. One of the famous names of street football as a captain is included in each team. In the tournament in Dubai, iconic names such as Kaka and Henry are your coach. After defeating the same four teams again, the stars, in other words your coaches, also challenge you, and you win the tournament by beating them.

You can also play the Volta mode in multiplayer. Just like in FUT mode, you can earn degrees by fighting against an artificial intelligence that controls the squad of selected opponents with your squad. Apart from that, you can play Volta matches online if you wish. If you wish, you can play with other players in matches where you control only one player. You can change the looks of the players in your squad with the items you bought in exchange for Volta Tokens or earned in the story mode. These are usually items such as t-shirts and shoes. Unfortunately, the Volta mod does not have a trick other than its online features this year.

We can say that FIFA 21 has taken small steps in terms of graphics this year compared to last year. Especially the faces of the football players and the details of the football players have been increased. Details such as the bending and swinging of the jersey, which we encountered in the 2016-17 games for the first time, appear in more detail in this game. The physical and graphical details such as the faces and arms of the players sweating, and the uniforms sticking to their bodies after sweating add a different pleasure to the game. However, it is difficult to say that it has experienced a big jump compared to last year. Let me also state that the difference can be understood better in this mode, as you are playing matches in constantly changing maps and different atmospheres in Volta mode.

There are partial changes in gameplay, new AIs are more "smarter"

Every year there are minor changes in the gameplay mechanics of the FIFA series. This year, again, FIFA 20 has progressed by adding millimetric details. It is possible to say that artificial intelligence works healthier. After a pass that lies behind the defense, all your defenders do not disintegrate, they try to protect their formation and defend according to the flow of the position. This was especially an issue after FIFA 17 that players continued to experience, albeit less, in every game of the series. It is possible to see small steps taken in artificial intelligence this year.

Free kicks also evoke FIFA 20. The tactical free kicks, which were in the game last year, continue to exist this year as well. Technically speaking, it hasn't come a long way. If you can easily take free kicks in FIFA 20, I can easily say that you will not feel foreign in the new game.

In particular, player running and dribbling have become more realistic and comfortable to handle this year. You feel very comfortable playing the rating of the player you control. Neither very high rated players feel like aliens, nor very low rated players feel like they're pulling a horse carriage. There are also some changes in skill moves, you can eliminate opponent defense more easily by making some combinations and increase your game pleasure. Compared to last year, the biggest change in this regard has been in terms of player running. Running or sneaking behind is no longer at the mercy of artificial intelligence. You can control the runs and develop your own tactics. Although it takes some time to get used to it, it improves the tactical experience of the game.

Also, while defending, the players do not get caught in each other and fall down one by one. Although it sounds ridiculous, we witnessed such scenes in last year's collision system. This year, more intelligent AIs prevent you from falling into stupid situations by making more accurate movements in both defense and attack positions.

FUT has become more social and interactive in the new season

In FIFA 21 FUT mode, you will now be able to play matches with any of your friends in a cooperative game mode, ie co-op. You will earn rewards from the games you play together and make your progress together. This feature, which has been requested by the community for years, has finally been added to the game. You progress by creating your teams together and fighting against the opponents together. With this new cooperative mode, you can play with a friend against artificial intelligence in the "Squad Battles" mode. It is also possible to simultaneously play against players who play alone or with a friend like you.

In addition, thanks to new FUT events and missions, you can improve your squad faster and earn packs. You can buy packs with the in-game currency you earn, as well as win new packs with many missions in the style of "win 4 matches". These packs include players, jerseys, new crests, and stadium customizations. You can design your own stadium. Ratings of FUT player cards are also rising live. In other words, you can feel it in the game when a player is on your way to become a brilliant football player in the world. Updating features. I can say that the stadium privatizations have been very good. You can customize many parts from cheers to stadium music and enjoy them in the matches you host.

What has changed since last year?

In terms of both the interface and the variety of game modes, FIFA 21 does not promise huge differences compared to last year. The interface design you are used to and the game modes you have seen before are also in the game this year. In this sense, let's point out that the change is minimal and if you are not a solid FIFA fan, you have to play for a long time before you notice. The biggest change this year has been in terms of artificial intelligence, collision systems and tactics. As I mentioned, artificial intelligence does not cause you to play with the only player standing when there are 4 people in defense by stuck and falling together. Instead of falling directly, they stagger and continue to play where they left off.

In FIFA 21, you will have a team that settles better in attacking positions and does not immediately fall apart on defense. This makes the game more satisfying for you. Bugs such as world star players falling into offside positions in an unlikely event have been fixed and now they act according to their ratings. You can feel it while playing. FUT mode has become a more interactive and more social mode this year. I can say that FUT, where players spend the most time in FIFA games, has become more meaningful and beautiful this year. The increased interaction of the game online also indicates that it will not bore you easily and you can find something to do at any time.

Long story short

FIFA 21 is a game that I can recommend for you if you have been playing for a long time by following the series constantly. However, if you are not very familiar with the FIFA series and football games are starting to match your new star, I have to recommend cheaper games for you. Because with its high price, you have to enter this game, which is sold only for "FIFA fans", without very high expectations, which is difficult with its current price. If football is an important part of your life, FIFA 21 promises you an enjoyable long journey. If you plan to play FUT and progress faster, purchase the higher versions of the game. That's all I will tell you for today, we hope to see you in another review. Stay with love and play.

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Written by   28
3 weeks ago
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It is also my favorite game. It is the series I have followed the most. In addition, your article is nice,

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3 weeks ago

Thanks I will post new game reviews.

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