Saudi Arabia releases 579 Pakistani prisoners so far: Overseas Authorities

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3 years ago

Overseas officials have told the National Assembly's Standing Committee on Overseas Pakistanis that 579 Pakistani prisoners have been released so far under an agreement with the Saudi Crown Prince.

A meeting of the National Assembly's Standing Committee on Overseas Pakistanis was held in which the issue of Pakistanis trapped in Saudi Arabian jails was discussed.

It was informed in the meeting that 7 committee members are dissatisfied with the performance of the Community Welfare Attach.

PPP leader and committee member Mehreen Razzaq Bhutto told the meeting that there are 2.7 million Pakistanis living in Saudi Arabia, Pakistanis living in Saudi Arabia send the most foreign exchange.

The Secretary Overseas Pakistanis told the meeting that our 6 CWSs are working in Saudi Arabia.

Committee member Syed Javed Hussain said that people imprisoned for minor crimes spend years in jail. Saudi Crown Prince came and promised to release Pakistanis from prisons. We have not done anything for Pakistanis imprisoned abroad yet, said the Minister of Humanitarian Affairs. Rights raised questions about the performance of the Foreign Minister, but how can you believe them?

Overseas officials say 579 prisoners have been released so far under an agreement with the Saudi Crown Prince. The ministry has made every effort to help Pakistanis stranded in prisons abroad.

He said that there was an obstacle in the release of prisoners involved in serious crimes and it was not possible to say what the obstacles were on the record.

The issue of students from China was also discussed in the committee meeting.

Mehreen Razzaq Bhutto asked why the students from China were not allowed to return.

Overseas officials say that earlier students were in a hurry to come, now China is in a hurry to return, China is not allowing Pakistani students to come back due to its quarantine policy.

Foreign Office officials said the working class had been sent to China on special flights.

Sobia Kamal Khan said that Pakistanis from UAE and Saudi Arabia are worried about visa expiration.

Overseas officials said that Prime Minister Imran Khan's Special Assistant for Overseas Pakistan Zulfiqar Bukhari has requested the Saudi government to extend the visa expiration date.

He also said that the Saudi government had improved the situation by increasing the number of flights but did not extend visas.

The committee sought a briefing on the details of the detainees and obstacles to their release at its next meeting.

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3 years ago