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Young or old at 41?

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5 months ago
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This day has also come. I have completed this beautiful age. Some call me young, some call me old. But how is it?

When I was in my twenties, I had colleagues 10-20 years older than me, and I called them old. Had I known they were in their prime at the time, I might have honoured them more. Anyway, now the tables have turned. Now I am called old by people in their twenties. I always watch in awe as my sister's friends and their "little" friends tell the old man how much different the world is today than when we were young. The world has indeed changed a lot, but they don't know that because they couldn't talk then.

And there's the other side

When someone asks about my father and says, "How's the old man?" Now that's the question that makes me say that my father is not old. Unfortunately, I had to find out that he was. Not because he will be 61 tomorrow, but because he is very tired. He has been smoking for nearly 50 years and works very hard. His body is getting tired and his mind is following suit. Twenty years ago, my father looked younger than I do now, but compared to other 61-year-olds, he is old today.

Is everyone really as old as they feel?

I think of myself as a young 40 year old because at 41 my only problem is being overweight. Many men are regulars in urology and rheumatology at that age, but not me. I have never been to such surgeries, nor do I plan to for some time.

Many of you might say that it is not up to me, but you would be wrong. I'll write another article about this later, it's not relevant here.

Are you young or old?

This is a question to which both answers are correct. A 41-year-old man is both young and old.

From the point of view of young people, 41 is old, they can't even imagine what it will be like to be them in 20 years' time. Twenty years is as long as they have lived.

But the older generation sees today's 40-somethings as young. Some of them think that younger people can't know anything, that they are the ones who have lived long enough and have all the knowledge.

There are even older people

Today's 60-year-olds don't even think about the fact that there are people older than them, who see them as young, who think of them as they think of 40-year-olds. It may also be important for them that in the Himalayan mountains there are many monks over 100 years old, and they are the ones who no longer think about old age.

So 41 is young.

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Written by   6
5 months ago
Topics: Young, Old
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Young, old you are as old as you feel and as old as you behave to others as you look like. Those others are the people you are surrounded with.

I myself see me as old. Always did and felt an old soul. Today I feel like your father... tired. 🍀💖

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4 months ago