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I was very skinny until I was 25

When I was a kid, I was so small and skinny that even the girls at school bullied me.

Until I was 25-26, I could eat anything and nothing made me gain weight. I had breakfast at 3 pm, dinner at 1 am, but I was at work by 6 am every morning. I usually spent my afternoons in a pub with friends and a few pints of beer.

I stuffed myself daily with bacon, pizza, hamburgers, anything that fattened me up, nothing hurt.

Aging has caught up with me

My younger readers may know themselves in a similar situation, but they don't understand what I'm talking about. But those of you who are over the magic 30 know very well that I am not alone in my problem.

Sometime around 25, I hit 80 kg, which I think is good. Around the age of 30, I was proud when I went below 100 kg. When I couldn't lose weight for a long time, I suddenly became proud of my weight. I read somewhere that under 100 kg is not a man's weight, so I decided that from that day on, that would be my ideal weight.

At 105 kg, I started to realize that this was no longer a game, I had to start dieting.


At the urging of a friend, I went to a fitness studio, read a book on losing weight through exercise, and started. On the one hand, I was very determined because I went to the gym every day, and on the other hand, I tried to be selective about the exercises I wanted to do.

After three months I decided it wasn't for me. I kind of blamed my trainer brother and elite athlete sister for not giving me diet advice, but deep down I knew it wasn't because of them.

When I was about to give up the gym game, I met a personal trainer who promised me that if she did her best, I would lose weight.

Of course, I did what he said, but I didn't lose weight. I mean, I did almost everything he said. I didn't follow the diet advice, but I did everything else. Anyway, it's the coach's fault that I didn't lose weight.

Protein shake powder

Of course, I tried the protein shakes, one of them was very effective. I lost exactly 10 kg in 30 days. Everyone except one friend looked at me with approval. This friend kept telling me that it was not real weight loss and that it would not continue. He must have been jealous of my success. Too bad he was right. From that moment on I could not lose 1 gram.

Nothing happened, I found other ways that I could not lose weight.

Food supplement

Six months later, a friend of mine lost 8 kg in 2 months using a special supplement. I didn't think it was much, but since I had already put on the pounds I thought I'd give it a try.

The special supplement also included a special diet. You cannot eat bread, but you should eat as much fatty meat as possible. I didn't have to think about it too much as I like fatty things.

I started using the product and a miracle happened. The weight loss started. At that stage, I managed to lose 6 kg, which didn't come back for at least a month.

It didn't work either, I don't even want to lose weight, I feel fine this way.

When the son of man, now weighing nearly 110 kg, has to climb the second-floor several times a day, it makes you wonder:

Are you sure this is right? My brother is much heavier. If it's good for him, it's good for me.

It was very hard, but I just explained to myself that everything was fine with my weight, I almost believed it.

You should eat less

My partner says there is no other secret to losing weight, I just need to eat a little less. But then I'll starve to death, it's not a game. I can't live on less food. I need a big portion of all foods, especially pasta. Twice. Sometimes three times.

My problem from the perspective of two people in a worse situation

Christmas came, the family had lunch together. My mother and brother were discussing, to my ears, why they couldn't lose weight. I didn't say a word, I just listened. I listened and I felt... I understand their problem. I could see them with the willpower to eat less. They couldn't help it, as they both have health problems. One can't eat at night because of her cholesterol and the other can't eat dairy. They are both overweight, in my opinion, more severely than I am. They do their best, I do nothing to lose weight, but they are worse off.

If the two of them can do it, so can I.

I made my decision in mid-January, and for the first 30 days, I fasted for other reasons besides diet.

I was looking for a phone app to count calories. So far I'm doing nothing but eating less, as my partner suggested. It's been a month and a half and I've lost 8 kg. Probably by now, my stomach has shrunk because I can eat much less and I am well-nourished.

Far from the end

My first weight goal is 90 kg, which means a 19 kg weight loss, and if I reach that, the final goal is 80 kg.

After reaching the 90 kg milestone, I think I will have much less strain on my joints and I can start jogging.

I don't know when I'll reach my desired weight, but I'm increasingly confident that I will.

I'll let you know when I get there.

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