An online gaming proposal for Bitcoin Cash

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I used to be an avid player of Command & Conquer from EA Games. Then, my gf started pushing out babies and I had other things to distract me. Whether it was the Tiberium series, Red Alert, or Generals, the premise was the same; harvest resources to gain credits.  Use these credits to build combatants to in turn destroy an opponent. Building defences, factories and units cost credits.  So more credits = more units = victory!

Here’s the pitch:

2 or more players, playing a C&C style game online, live streamed. They talk you through what they are doing. You offer advice, encouragement and criticism via the live chat. They get excited, you have a laugh. It’s fun. Nothing new so far. But…

…they do not harvest resources, they just build units and defences. The credits are determined by live onchain donations of Bitcoin Cash sats to the players address. Let’s say, there are 2 players. You can donate to either.  This will affects the outcome, along with the players skill. But…

…the sats of the loser are divided proportionally among those who donated to the winner (minus a 10% house fee).

So it’s game with high stakes. Potentially, very high stakes. It’d also potentially profitable. It's also potentially beneficial for BCH.

I must admit to being inspired by . I do not know if that will be a success. But i had fun playing it, and I think I understand what Guyfawkesfp is trying to do.

...The following gets a bit preachy, so feel free to ignore...

There was a time when Bitcoin Cash tried to be everything. A coin for all seasons. Jack of all trades. In some senses it is. But the crypto space has moved on. It has become a fierce and ruthless jungle. Each coin must carve out its distinct cryptological niche or risk extinction.  I know what some of you are saying ‘P2P cash for the world’. Amen brother, the only problem is, that ship has sailed a long time ago.

These purists would turn their noses up at the degen-gaming use case. Bitcoin Cash shouldn’t associate itself with this sort of thing. I disagree. A cheap n’ dirty cash-crypto is a noble vision. The digital equivalent of a scrunched up $5 bill. Let its dubious legality lead it into a game of cat and mouse with various authorities. Let 15 year old edge-lord wannabes bet ‘bcash’ on dodgy online game offs. Let righteous articles in The Guardian deride it’s unregulation. All of this is good.  All of this is wonderful. All of this is what separates real money from CBDCs.

What do you think? Would the gaming idea work? Is it already a thing? Are you up for making it happen? Let me know.

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