Using Polyphasic Sleep to Maximise Earnings on Rising Star

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It has been 2 weeks since I signed up for Rising Star and what a journey it has been. Thank you to everyone who gave me some tips on my post. I wanted to actually update my progress earlier, but some things kept getting in the way.

Since then I have played every day. My journey got off to a rocky start with me trying to figure out what has been going on and what to do. I wasn't getting anywhere very quickly, so invested in some cards to boost my fans, luck and skill.

After about a week my status was as below:

Now after 2 weeks, my status is as below:

I've completed over 220 missions now and the Starbits are starting to poor in which is very nice. The only thing is, now I am unable to sleep. I keep waking up in the middle of the night and need to select a new gig to keep the starbits flowing. This is making me very tired the next day. My wife has also been questioning what the sounds are when a mission is completed.

As a solution to this, I have discovered Polyphasic Sleep. According to

Polyphasic sleep refers to sleeping in more than two segments per day

This will then allow me to sleep for up to 3 hours at a time and still keep earning starbits with Rising Star. As we are working from home, I thought I could take a power nap during my lunch break. Therefore I have set up a temporary bed on the sofa for my polyphasic sleeping sessions.

Here I can quickly have a nap for up to 1 hour which would allow me to run a Midweek Headline Slot mission at the same time. At work, no one would be the wiser either 😉.

My second nap could be taken around 5 or 6 early evenings. This would allow me around 30 mins or so to get some sleep while running a Midweek Support Slot.

In the night, I could then run a 3-hour Saturday Headline mission to earn the maximum starbits while I sleep. If I got to bed around 10 pm, this would take me to 1 am. I could then wake up and resume my day.

At around 6 am, I could then take my final polyphasic sleep session for another 2 hours while running a Saturday Support gig. This would take me til 8 am when I start work.

Who says you can't earn while you sleep?

Rising Star with my adjusted sleeping pattern should keep running nicely and earning me 24/7 starbits. Do you have any approaches to maximise earnings?

Thanks for reading.

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