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Torum - First Impressions after 1 month - Earning XTM

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3 months ago

I have been on Torum for a month now and will share my impressions during this month. My original desire to join Torum was because I thought it was a Web3.0 Facebook replacement tool and could be a fun tool to meet cool people and possibly earn more crypto. The first month I have connected with many people but haven't earned much crypto yet as you need to complete 100 power-ups worth of missions first.


It does not seem to be a Facebook replacement tool but more a Facebook type tool aimed as a platform for crypto enthusiasts to get together and share information. What can you actually do in Torum?

Read news:


Search for active users called "Landers". Here you can make friends or look for influencers whom you wish to connect with.


You can also search for groups, called "Clans" to join and get the latest information about certain topics and connect with others also interested in this topic.



You can also see and search for the latest and most popular hashtags for some reading material.



Some other functions include an Airdrop function and a Finance function that I couldn't see how they work or maybe I need to be first unlocked once my 100 power-up is completed. There is also an NFT marketplace that I didn't look too much into as I'm using Opensea. 

The social media function is similar to other crypto social media platforms and is easy to use and works quite well with a nice feel to it.

You can earn XTM once you have powered up to 100 by completing "missions". So far I get this if I log in each day and make a post. The third way to power up is to like 5 other posts. I'm not sure that I'm so keen on the missions and powering up part so far, as it doesn't really reward you for building a community and genuine connections that you can get with other platforms. Here you are incentivised to just login, do the missions, collect the XTM and go.

So far I've earned just 2.5 XTM! Not so much yet, but it took me a month to complete the power-up missions.

Thanks for reading.




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Written by   29
3 months ago
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