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Statera and Ampleforth Performance Review

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6 months ago

I've recently added Statera and Ampleforth to my portfolio and have started to track their performance.  I thought I would share that with you today. 


Statera is a smart contract-powered IDT (Indexed Deflationary Token) based on the Fantom platform.  The Fantom platform has currently around $8bn TVL.


If you have been holding STA in February, it has had an amazing run-up! A greater than 500% gain. Will this continue into the future?

If we take a YTD (year to date) view, we can see the results started turning around in February very clearly.

If we look at the 1 year time frame, we can see there is a reasonable gain of 43%, so those who were DCA'ing for the last year would have done very well holding STA.



Now, let's move on to Ampleforth.  Ampleforth is an Ethereum-based Crypto with an algorithmically adjusted supply.  It is designed to be the new money in the Defi space.  We can see that Ethereum has a much larger TVL than Fantom of $120bn.


We can see that Ampleforth also has a 86% score from Defisafety with 0 security incidents.

So how has Ampleforth performed in February?  Let's take a look at the first chart, there we can see the value increase 9% in February.

If we look at the YTD data, we can see there was a reasonable 16% increase.


Looking at the 1-year chart, we can see there was a 31% increase over the year and the price was pretty stable.  One thing to note with Ampleforth is that you own a fixed fraction of the total AMPL instead of a fixed number of tokens.  Using the daily "rebase" feature, the price should rebalance daily.  Therefore I am interested to observe how my holdings will develop over time with this process.


Key Takeaways

  • Statera is a deflationary smart contract token based on the Fantom platform

  • Statera has had huge growth in the last month

  • Ampleforth is an Ethereum based Crypto

  • Ampleforth has been pretty stable the last year and "rebases" daily towards $1

  • Ethereum has 15x more TVL than Fantom

What are your thoughts on STA and AMPL?
Do you keep them in your portfolio?

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Written by   43
6 months ago
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