Splinterlands - EOS Update, Deck Plans & Renting Income!

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Hi Splinterfans!

This is my second month and the start of my third season in the Splinterlands game. Big shout out to all the guys who have given me some great tips, delegated some cards, and supported a newbie getting started. The Splinterlands community is pretty awesome.

I have been chilling on Splinterlands TV too and it has been good to get to know more people in the community and see their decks and gaming styles. A couple of the guys are digital nomads taking play2earn to the next level. If I'm not on Hive, I'm on Splinterlands TV just hanging out and seeing what's going on in the Splinterlands community.

End of Season Wrap Up


As you can see my end of season rewards weren't so great as last time when I managed to pull a legendary out of the bag! But I think I can't complain too much. With the new daily focus rules, I'm usually bagging 10 chests on those too now.

I have a few monsters who I would like to add to my earth splinter deck.

I think they could provide some extra much-needed power to help me up my win rate. The Failed Summoner can be useful for repelling the magic attacks. The Xenith Archer and Screeching Vulture would be useful for those low mana attacks.

My most recent addition was the Centauri Mage but I didn't have many opportunities to deploy her yet and probably I need some more backup to fully make use of her. I'm also not sure the best battles and situations she may come in handy yet.

Where possible I have been keeping cards for my possible Life and Water decks. These two Splinters seem to be some good possible combo's to keep hold of. I made a purchase of Soul Fiend in case it may come in useful to give me an edge.

I didn't have many chances to deploy him yet. But I am happy to have him on my team.

Those are my main deck updates and plans for August. I am still renting a gold Mylor Crowling as my main summoner and a few other cheap earth monsters to bolster my deck. I may need to consider a few other heavyweight rentals going forward to give me more firepower. I am in the Bronze I league and am not sure if I will aim for Silver now. The battles are quite tough there.

Renting Deck

I have tried picking up a few cards here and there in order to start renting them out to build me up some DEC rental income. The income is quite sporadic, sometimes high, sometimes low. Trying to get the prices right is a challenge.

When you think you have a great income, the price drops the next day. I am doing hands-on management so need to check in on it each day and adjust prices and make sure everything is rented. So far it is giving around 500-1000 DEC per day depending on how the markets are.

As the cards were cluttering up my playing deck, I had to move them over to another account to keep things nice and tidy for my playing. Some of the cards I like to rent out are Deeplurker, Diemonshark, and Iza the Fanged.

I have also been upgrading some of the rubbish 0,001 cards that I have gotten as rewards as they don't seem to rent out for anything and are not worth selling. I hope this is the best way with some of these cards.

At the end of August, I will give another update on how the renting has gone and if it has been worth it and what returns I have managed to bag. So far my returns are below:

Current Season

My season has gotten off to a good start so far but I would like to get the win rate back above 50%. With some new additions this should be possible. I may rent a few extra summoners to try them out and see what helps fit in with my current combo.

Im not sure what is a sensible amount to spend on renting a bronze league deck each day!? Hit me up in the comments if you know.

Thanks for reading.


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I didnt calculate a ROI yet as I have only been playing around a month. I would say around 20%+ is a reasonable expectation though.

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1 year ago

I still have this account though I already get my ROI. Currently, how much do you make per day with this?

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