Splinterlands - A Winning Streak

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Hi Splinterfans,

After my very rocky start with many losses, I managed to turn things around and get on a winning streak and start earning some DEC tokens. My first goal is to try and earn a chest. I'm not sure what that means but I think possibly it could earn some more crypto.

Here I keep the focus on my earth splinter and hope my tank can hold out long enough so that my 2 ranged monsters can do some serious damage to them.

I think they expected me to add some magic attack and that would have weakened me pretty badly. In the end, it was a nice victory. You can see that I gained 0.007 DEC. I think this isn't too much, but it has been going up fro 0.001 DEC.

Result: Win
Battlelink: here

In my next battle, I noticed that Mylor Crowling wasn't available. Im not sure if my rental expired or was cancelled on me? That was bad timing. I checked and the card costs around 28283 DEC ($20) but shows the market value at $12,37 (-37%). I'm not sure why that is.

In this battle, I was very lucky and still managed to pull off a victory. The very deadly Pelacor Arbalest can attack twice and with a boosted range attack value. I managed to only win 0.003 DEC which isn't too much either!

Result: Win
Battlelink: here

After renting Mylor Crowling out again, I was ready for battle. Unfortunately, my opponent was much better prepared. My 8 battle winning streak came to an end.

The magic attack was too much for me and I lost quite easily. I will need to find a tactic to defend against this onslaught in the future.

Result: Loss
Battlelink: here


My goals are to keep improving my earth splinter to get a formidable team that can take on most opponents. I am 32 rating away from being able to compete in the bronze league II.

I'm not sure what benefits that will bring me yet. Hopefully, I can stay there as my opponents may be tougher.

I still didn't get a chest yet, so this is a big goal for me. I am currently 114 SP away from getting a chest.

My DEC and credits are slowly disappearing. I may need to buy some more if I cant earn any. My ECR rate is at 80% now, so I need to try and let it regenerate a bit. Probably I should try and play just 20 rounds per day.

I need to research level 2 cards. I'm not sure what they are and when I can use them. But maybe I need to think of upgrading at some point.

Thanks for reading.

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games that generate crypto is a very fun game, but we have to complete the mission first so we can get a bonus in the form of crypto, and many of them are desperate before winning the game. Ha ha ha

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Yes, there are some challenges. But it is worth to play them to earn extra.

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