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Share your Battle - Angelic Mandarin

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2 months ago

Hi Splinterfans!

Welcome to my entry for the Share your Battle Weekly Challenge! More details about the challenge can be found here.

I am happy to do this week's battle challenge with Angelic Mandarin because I think he is a really useful ranged monster, especially for low to medium mana attacks with water.

I currently have a borrowed GF level 2 which gives me extra health which comes in handy. It starts getting interesting for this card at level 4 thought when he uses the triage ability and heals an back line monster. I didn't try him at this level yet but can't wait to though!

My Team

I decided on a water attack spearheaded with Cruel Sethropod but my magic attack in position 2 I want to deal the real blows. I am wondering if I should have played Xenith Monk up front instead with more health in case of a strong magic attack.

Summoner/ MonsterReasonKelya FrendalA GF level 2 summoner to use some upgraded monstersCruel SethropodA tank to hold of their attack to allow Djinn Oshanus to deliver more damageDjinn OshanusMy main magic attack, although no ability to repel magic attacks, I hope he survives long enoughAngelic MandarinA perfect fit with ranged attack and high healthSpirit HoarderI wanted some more magic attack, it is a shame his ability is disabledKulu SwimhunterSome more ranged attack to help batter down my enemyTorrent FiendI added him in as a diversion in case of sneak, but realise I didn't need to do that


The rules for the battle are:

Back to Basics - monsters lose all their abilities.

With 25 mana, this will be a low to mid-size battle and I have opted for a weakish tank and my main thrust will be magic. Ideally I would use Nerissa Tridawn with a 3 magic attack, buy my rental ran out!

Watch the Battle

It looks like it will be a close battle. I'm a little worried wehty have 3 magic attack monsters and my Djinn cannot repel it due to the back to basics rule.

After the first round they have already picked off my tank and my fears about not using a monster with a high enough health have come true.

After the third round, I've taken out their tank and face off to Angelic Mandarin. With a 6 health score, he is a good decoy to protect their magic attack.

I managed to pick him off in one round and now can start destroying their magic attack.

This battle is close and they pick off my Djinn. Angelic now steps up to the plate and can he hold off their attack long enough for me?

So far so good, down to his last 2 magic monsters with just three health between them. The tide looks like it is changing. I should win now.

The final round I finish them off and claim a victory. Angelic was a very good help with his ranged attack and a high health to protect my other attackers.


Angelic Mandarin is a great monster for low/medium mana battles and can be a real asset to the team with his high health and ranged attack. He is a definite must have if you have a water deck.

Thanks for reading.


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Written by   54
2 months ago
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