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Rising Star Progress Update

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2 months ago

It has been over a month since my last Rising Star post and I thought now would be a good time to provide an update on my progress. It is my third month in the game and things have been ticking along nicely.

I am almost at level 50 and can start doing the millionaire card missions. That should happen in the next few days. Below you can see my monthly progress.

I initially purchased quite a few cards at the beginning but didn't need to add any new ones recently. The next purchase I will need will be at level 55 to add at least 30 fans in order to complete the Local Mini Tour Support mission as I require at least 1200 fans. It would be good to have at least that many from cards.

My Starbits earnings have been around 25k per week. I probably could have earned more but I ran too many low-value missions. I need to have a think how I can optimise things going forward. What can improve the income modifier? How big a role does luck play in the game? I seem to often have pizza to use so can always run a mission.

My band has currently 1 member with an instrument and a car. At some point I think I need to build a band so will need to acquire some more cards for this.


I hold over 1 million Starbits currently and I bought these at around double the current price, so that wasn't so smart to try and be prepared. At the current bid price, I have currently earned 15,72 Hive so far which works out at €9,13. That's not bad for the beginning and a relatively passive game.

Thanks for reading.


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Written by   43
2 months ago
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