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Rising Star Progress Report - Starpro Added - Level 64

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2 months ago

I have checked out how to do the Music Promoter Missions and have made my first promotions. This is important as you will want to start earning STARPRO tokens and this is a way to get them without buying them on the market.

I have also started to do the Millionaire Missions with the 10% bonus, this should increase my Starbits earnings by 7k per week.

My goal in the game is to try and climb the rankings and earn around 150k+ STARBITS per week. This should be possible through a 7 x Millionaire mission of 11k Starbits = 77k total per week. This leaves 73k Startbits to earn through the remaining missions. Is this possible?

With this 150k Starbits, I want to spend 100k on buying 12 packs of cards for my openings. I also would like to buy some additional unique cards on the market to push me up the rankings. Is this strategy doable? And will it achieve my goal?

I have stopped monitoring how much Starbits I'm earning, I don't know if there is a quick and easy way to check this and I am too lazy to go and add them all up then I would add this metric back.

As I need to keep an amount of Starpro, I have started to monitor this metric going forward.

That's it for this week.

Thanks for reading.


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Written by   55
2 months ago
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