My Hive Goals - Monthly Progress Update #2

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2 years ago

My second full month is completed on Hive. Yeah!

As a recap, I've started blogging to use Hive to help me achieve F.I.R.E. (financial independence and retire early) and use it as a diary of my journey. I also want to share my thoughts and analysis with you, to help you with your own journey.

Before I discovered Hive, I was quite a skeptic of the crypto space but have found that it can be a great technology and there are some great communities out there. I am enjoying the journey to discover more about this technology and space.

Here you can see that I have been posting usually one article a day. There are lots of interesting topics to blog about, so this is working out well so far.


My curation is still no longer 0, but I think most of my curation votes are turning to dust. As my account grows, this should start to change dramatically.

Stats as of 02.03.2022

Effective power is 27.38 +161% (previous month 10.48 HP)
Hive Power 17.34
Vote value $0
Reputation 47.852 (previous 44.675)
Followers 6 +100% (previous 3)
Posts 97 (previous 45)


Total Author rewards are 6.91 HP +627% (previous 0.95 Hive)
Total upvotes are 366 +42% (previous 258)

Here is my account growth since January:

Monthly Goals for February

How did i do with my monthly goals in February?

Here is a summary table:

I am very pleased that i achieved 86% of my goal for February and nearly reached 20 HivePower. For March, my goal is to reach 40 HivePower. I am also pleased with reaching my goal of 20 LeoPower. My goal for March will be to double that and go for 50 LeoPower.

I think my goal of 1 HP was maybe too ambitious and have reduced my goal to try and get 0,3 HP per post in March. I will also set myself a curation goal, hopefully, by powering up more Hive, my curation will start rewarding instead of turning to dust.

I achieved just 75% of my Followers' target. For march, I hope to try and double my 6 followers to 12. I have decided to remove the goal to increase my reputation as I don't know too much about this metric and instead replace it with the goal to increase my Hivebuzz ranking. Currently, it is 26,600. I aim to get towards 20,000. I'm not sure if that's too ambitious within 1 month, but I will adjust the target next month if it seems too unrealistic.

Yearly Goals

Here is the current status of my yearly goals:

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That's it for this month and thanks for reading.

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