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It's that time of the month again to look back on the previous month's activities and see what crypto I have earned. It's now the halfway mark in the year and it is worth checking on the progression and seeing how we might finish for 2022.

June was a very busy month in terms of activities onCHAIN and building those crypto earnings.

Even with the drop in value of ETH, my goal remains intact to earn 2ETH per month in crypto. This month I added a few more activities in order to give those crypto earnings a boost.

The main one has been Play2Earn. I have taken on Rising Star which is doing well to start filling my crypto wallet and the more challenging Splinterlands. Both are great games and I highly recommend them, links are below if you want to try them and join my team. In July there will be more Play2Earn games incoming! Stay-tuned!!

I also added the Actifit app which is now churning out AFIT tokens daily to me for just moving around. You can check up my write up here. I'm just waiting for them to make a "Breath2Earn" app and add that to my passive income streams 😆

Another recent addition is the POSH token on the Hive Engine. Here I am promoting a few posts each day on my Twitter feed and it earns me some POSH tokens. Check my recent post for more info here.

The final extra addition this month is the BeeSwap liquidity pools. I've been slowly adding to them each day and they are churning out some extra crypto income. I'm not sure how I can record the results of this just yet, but will give it a go!

I can't tell you how excited I am to take you on this crypto journey with me and I have loads more crypto earning streams to add. It's going to be awesome!

This month is a big report, let's get started with this month's numbers and run-down:

This month I have been active in the following platforms and collected the cryptos:

Publish0x (STA, AMPL)
Hive (Hive + Hive Engine Layer 2 tokens) (BitcoinCash)
Dreemport (DREEM)

Socials (BitcoinCash)
Torum (XTM)
LunarCrush (Lunr) - given up on.
ProofOfSHare - (POSH)

Staking, Cashback, Interest, Liquidity Pools (CRO) - Exited

Brave (BAT) - retried again
Presearch (PRE)

Blockchain Email Marketing
ListNerds (Listnerds, CTP)

RisingStar (STARBITS)
Splinterlands (DEC)



My fourth full month on Publish0x is completed and my views continue to go down and this is probably while Publish0x hasn't been my primary focus because of all my work on Hive. The earnings are quite low here but I still like the platform and have some favorite authors whom I read and tip often.

You can see my earnings were really boosted last month from winning the $50 ETH competition and this month, the tipping tokens on Publish0x continue to crash. Well, Statera is the main culprit.

Some highlights this month are that my followers grew by 31 even with my views declining. Below you can see my monthly earnings compared to May. I earned hardly any Ampleforth but much more Statera. Statera values have been plummeting so it hasn't helped me much!

Statera=632,12 (400,1643)
Ample=1,12 (8,0489)
ETH=0 (0,02567687)

Publish0x total = €7,65


This is now my fourth full month on and I have published an article every day. I have currently 29 subscribers and 1 sponsor. It would be good to try and boost these numbers.

I earned 0.16960495 (0.18733430) BCH in June which is €16,77 (€32,41) which is a decent amount of BCH but because of the current bear market, priced in fiat, it isn't so good. Total = €16,77

My main blogging focus has been on Hive and this is where I spend most of my time and engagement. Data taken from shows me the following:

Hive = 350

Hive-Engine = 47,76 Hive

Hive Total = €168,1


This was my second month on Dreemport.

Not including the extra traffic generated by participating in Dreemport. I have been rewarded with DREEM tokens that are available on the Hive-Engine and they have a best bid price of 0,007 Hive currently. They could be worth more in the future as the project grows.

In June I earned 260 DREEM tokens which was 10 less than in May. Due to the fall in Hive price, the value is like all crypto, now much lower. I will HODL these until Hive price recovers.

260 DREEM = 1,82 (2,7) Hive

Dreemport Total = €0,77 (€1,31)

Blogging Total = €193,29 (-10,3%) vs €215,61 last month.

Socials is an alternative to Twitter and it is my fourth full month on the platform. This month my follower count climbed to 55. I earned 0.01093567 (0.03562385) BCH which was a big drop from last month and its not the fall in BCH that is responsible.

I, unfortunately, made a couple of mistakes on and was put in the Sin Bin for most of the month. The first mistake I made was to withdraw too much of my BCH. In the Sin Bin!

The 2nd mistake was I posted 2 posts too quickly or something and it flagged me as a spammer and I was Sin Binned after my last outing for a further 2 weeks!! After getting a few tips from @achim03 who is a Noise.Cash professional, I hope I'm now back on the right path.

I am usually just posting once or twice per day so that I don't spam with my own articles. Total = €1,08 (€6,16)


What can be said about Torum except that XTM continues to plummet to new lows? I am still logging in when I remember, but for me, there is nothing happening here and the interaction is haphazard compared to other platforms.

Dropping links now pops up with a preview which is an improvement. Still I am waiting for the 500 XTM limit to withdraw but so far have only reached 101 XTM after 4 months. This is now currently worth only €2,11.

My follower count increased to 69 and I earned 14,62 XTM last month which is another 50% drop compared to the previous month. Sometimes I would miss a day and miss out on the weekly missions.

I think Torum is a candidate to be kicked to the touch like Lunarcrush.

Torum Total = €0,3

With the performance of my social crypto earning platforms not doing so well, it is good that I can introduce a new token in this category. I've only started to get active in July really so the earnings for June will be quite low, but there are some earnings where I was getting to know POSH in June.

The current bid price for POSH on the Hive Engine is 0,04 Hive and I earned around 6,215 POSH tokens in June. I have also delegated some Hive to the POSH account that will pay me in POSH tokens every day!

I hope this will give me a nice boost to my socials income from July as it comes on stream.

POSH Total = 6,215 (0,249 Hive)
POSH Total = €0,10

Let's hope for a better month in July.

Socials Total = €1,48 (€7,06)

Staking & Cashback

I don't have any crypto staked on anymore with the collapse of other CeFI exchanges. I also no longer use the cashback card due to the crazy tier requirements makes it no longer attractive. Therefore no staking or cashback income from here anymore and I won't track this going forward.

Instead, my main stablecoin staking income comes from HBD. There I have been slowly building my stack. This month I managed to earn 2,269 HBD passively. This is a nice increase compared to last month which was just 0,990 HBD.

HBD Interest = 2,269 (€2,15) vs 0,990 (€0,93) last month.

A new entry is the liquidity pool that I am building up in BeeSwap. Here you can see the total size of my pool as of the end of June.

I have found a few pools that I like and add a little to each day and hope this will help to build the passive income further. The only difficult thing is to track the returns very easily.

This is because you get a mixture of fees and reward tokens.

Until I figure out a good way to track this, I will not add any income here yet.

Total Staking/Rewards = €2,15

Surfing & Search


It is my fifth month using Presearch. My PRE balance is 137,2 (+29,84). Here I can get up to 30 paid searches a day which I am no where near accomplishing. I just use search normally. I earned less than last month, but still not too bad number of tokens.

There isn't much development in the way for users to cash out their PRE yet which is disappointing. I am very far off of the 1000 PRE needed to withdraw and then with unknown gas fees. At my current speed, it is looking like it will take me around 3 years to withdraw 1000 PRE.

The PRE has remained relatively stable which is a good thing.

PRE total June = 29,84 (€2,88)
PRE overall Total= 137,2 (€13,28)


I decided to give the Brave browser another go and have 3 wallets on my laptop, PC, and mobile. I need to try and combine them as it is very annoying to have all 3!

BAT Total = 1,054 BAT (€0,39)

I need to sort out the BAT wallet settings and see how best to trade my BAT tokens.

Total Surfing/Search = €3,27 (€3,38)

Blockchain Email Marketing


Another month passed and it was my first month as an Enterprise subscriber to ListNerds. This allows me to send 2 emails daily to earn ListNerds tokens. It does however cost $97 per month which is quite a big expense.

So far I have invested around $230 in ListNerds if you include my July subscription plus a lot of time and effort.

There is a 10-week unstaking period before your Listnerds tokens become liquid and you can sell them. So far I have been unstaking a small % each day which should provide me with a nice ListNerds token income in a few weeks.

In June I earned 16254 ListNerd tokens. The lowest bid price has dropped from 1,5 Hive to 0,33 Hive per token. There is also not much bid action for ListNerds right now on the Hive Engine. ~400 buying against a similar amount selling under 2 Hive.

As the tokens require unstaking and the price is unclear, I will only include the value of ListNerds that I have actually made liquid in my earnings. So the bag value can act as an accrual until then.

ListNerds earned in June = 16254 (5364 Hive/ €2276)
Liquid ListNerds in June= 0
ListNerds sold: €0
Total costs=$27+$97=$124 (€118,9)

My latest addition to my crypto portfolio is not 1 but 2 games in the play2earn category. As a Call of Duty or Fortnite gamer, switching to Play2Earn hasn't been so easy.

It was lucky that I started off with something not too difficult. Rising Star was a good choice to break in slowly to this genre.

For a full update on my progress, please check my previous articles. Today I just cover the numbers. Based on the highest bid price on Hive Engine of 0,00018651 I calculated my earnings below.

I have made some investment in the game to kickstart my earnings. I think its around maybe 150 Hive including the Starbits needed for the millionaire card.

Total= 46332 (Starbits) = 8,64 Hive = €3,68

My latest addition is Splinterlands and this is much more tricky. I did make my first earnings but this was easily spent on card rentals. I am also in minus after investing $10 in the Summoner book.

DEC earned minus costs = 0
Summoner book costs = $10 (€9,59)

Play2Earn earnings = €3,68


June Crypto earnings total = €203,98 vs €257,28 last month.

That's my total crypto earnings in June. Not bad for my sixth month in crypto and also we just had another huge move down in crypto last month.

Some good news is the nice income stream with ListNerds is building and should start to pay in July.

I need to also consider my costs and that was €103. So net profit was €100,98.

My goal is to earn 2ETH per month which is now at 10,1% completed vs. 7.5% last month due to the collapse in ETH. Ethereum cost €1704 last month and now is currently €1008. That's a huge move down.

How was your June?

Thanks for reading and I hope it inspires you on a journey to crypto-financial freedom too!

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