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My Battle with Dragons!

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1 month ago

Hi Splinterfans!

Welcome to my entry for the Share your Battle Weekly Challenge! More details about the challenge can be found here.

Woooah what a challenge we have this week! A battle challenge with the mighty dragons.

I am not usually using Dragons in my deck but am often fighting against them, so this week's challenge will be challenging! You can see below my current playable Dragon element cards and that I only own 2. But Djinn Chwala I think is quite good, but it would be better to have a level 2 Djinn Chwala.

In my battle, I will try and bag a win with Djinn Chwala. What I like about Djinn Chwala is that he has Thorns so should be able to give some good damage back to my enemy.

My Team


The rules for the battle are:

With opportunity, this could be a good option for melee attack monsters. I don't have my earth splinter, so I won't have such good monsters available with my best deck.

I am also in the Silver III league and I could be up against a good opponent without being able to field very strong monsters.

Watch the Battle

My opponent has opted for Keyla Frendul with extra shield. I am worried with my magic choices, my attack could be too weak. I could have blundered here.

After the first round I have already lost one magic monster and another is on its last legs. Not looking good so far. My experiment with dragons is going wrong.

After two rounds its looking bad already. I've lost three monsters include Sand Worm whom I was relying on to pull some big punches with me with his 5 attack score!!

After three rounds I've lost another key monster who was the only one capable of raining down some decent blows on my enemy. I've really messed up here!!!

After four rounds my second position monster is only just holding on and they are starting to take down Chiwala who also hasn't been doing too much to be honest. The odds look bad with three fully stacked monsters waiting to take me down.

After five rounds I'm just left with my dragon element monster Chiwala who hasn't held up well. I should have played him in the back row where with the opportunity rule could have been more effective. Here as a tank he hasn't been much use with his low attack score.

The result was pretty clear. I really messed up here. The win rate shows even as 0%. I didn't stand a chance..


I gave it a go but I've still lots to learn with using dragons effectively and for what matches, rules and positioning. It's only my second month though so I am not going to go to hard on myself. I pick myself back up and keep going.

Thanks for reading.


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Written by   43
1 month ago
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Come on , you can still do better you need strong element to keep on rocking, you will always do better. I just remembered now that I have to buy spell book, I haven't forgotten

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1 month ago

The dragon element is very hard. I will keep trying! Thanks for your encouragement. You should buy a spellbook for sure :)

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1 month ago