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Mid-Season Update - Splinterlands

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1 week ago

As Prince famously sang, what is the use of money if you aren't gonna break the mold?

This is summing up my season so far, it has been a real grind and despite finishing up in gold last season I just can't get back up there, I am struggling to even get into silver I and stay there!!

To bolster my deck, I maxed out some common gold foils at the start of the season. These have come in handy now and again, as well as providing some extra power to be able me to go to gold too.

My ranking dropped down quite a bit, along with my win ratio as you can see below.

I was lucky enough to win a delegation of Djinn Oschannus

He is one of my favorite monsters and is a great addition to my water deck. I also have a loan of the Chanseus The Great with the awesome resurrect ability and am having fun with him, but my opponents seem to keep outwitting me. The situation got so bad I rented out some extra firepower such as Kron the Undying to boost my earth deck. I wanted to deliver some knock-out blows to my opponents!!

It did help somewhat, I started using Obsidian more as I am not usually using magic attack so much with my earth deck. It is sometimes getting tricky now to decide which attack I should use when you have more choices.

I also wanted to pull my wild deck out of bronze and into silver, but I haven't managed that either. I pulled a few cards from my rental deck to bolster things there such as Mushroom Seer, Wood Nymph, and Goblin Sorcerer. I also rented a few extra cards like Sporcerer too but it didn't help me yet! lol

This has also affected my daily focus rewards which have been much less and worth less recently. My EoS chest count stands at only 9 so far which seems very low considering how I finished last season. I really need a big boost from here.

It seems rentals are currently taking a hit, they are way down for a while except on certain cards that are always usually in high demand. The flip side to this is there have been some great bargains to be had on the market which I have been snapping up wherever possible.

This would be fine but we have also seen a huge jump in DEC, so converting fiat into DEC gets you less now, so I don't know if they are cheaper or not?! So confusing! lol


I have participated in two brawls so far in my Guild and they are good fun, so far I have managed to win more than I have lost which is good. I am looking forward to earning more SPS for brawls in the future too. It is another great bonus for playing Splinterlands.

That's my season so far, the grind is real and I even forgot to watch my favorite show on Splinterlands TV yesterday, hopefully, I can catch the NFT Hunter next week.

Good luck for the rest of the season!

Thanks for reading.


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Written by   43
1 week ago
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