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Managing Time

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5 months ago

Do you feel overwhelmed? Then you are probably unorganised. Managing your time can help. Here are some ideas that I use that may help you.

1-Wake up early

Setting your alarm early in the morning puts you in control of your time and the day.

2-Create a to-do list

If you want to get things done, write it down! Get yourself a to-do list and your brain will automatically start working on it.

3-Set deadlines

Make sure to set a deadline for the tasks. This helps you prioritise

4-Stick to your schedule

The main benefit of managing your time is the compounding effect. If for example, you are learning about Defi, the 1 hour may not seem like much, but after a year that is 365 hours. Look how much you can learn in 365 hours! Look how much you would know and how further informed than others you would be.

People may say that they don't have any time. But let's have a look. If you sleep 8 hours, work another 8 hours and then say 1 hour for commuting. That's 17 hours. You maybe need another hour for eating, plus 1 hour for talking to people, that's 19 hours. So that leaves you around 5 hours a day. Organising your time gives you 5 hours a day.

How do you manage your time?

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Your tips are right on point!

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5 months ago

Thanks, i glad you like them.

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5 months ago