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We have a new week and 8 days have passed since I last made a check on the ListNerds Top 50. We had a couple of days of downtime at the weekend, but ListNerds is running at top speed again and it's time to look at the Top 50 Movers and Shakers again.


This week I have also added the % of a validated email each person's vote is worth. The top 10 have great voting power and show the value of holding staked ListNerds tokens.

This is the data up until the evening CET on 21.06.22.

This week's biggest gainers are:

  1. @momogrow climbing +9 places to 27

  2. @mypathtofire climbing +6 places to 23

  3. @burlarj climbing +2 places to 7

The biggest fallers are :

  1. @sayee who drops over 23 places out of the top 50

  2. @lisamgentile who drops 4 places

  3. @profitsentinel who drops 4 places

New entries into the Top 50 this week are:

  1. @justclickin who enters at place 39

  2. @zakludick who enters at place 42

The 3 largest ListNerds gainers this week are:

  1. @jimmyadames - 5386

  2. @thisismylife - 5835

  3. @bradleysfi - 4160

The 3rd place was very close with @burlarj getting 4050 and @amirtheawesomeone with 4123.


The Top 50 have gained an extra 75799 ListNerds this week and have amassed 547168 between them. Of this, the top 10 have 49,8% of the stake! Next week I will provide the full breakdown.

The vote value is consolidating more in the top 20. The total vote power of the top 20 is 92,37 (90,20) and in the top 10 61,71 (60,38). The top 10 then hold 49,8% of the total voting power commiserate with their total stake!

If you are not using ListNerds yet, you can join my team by clicking the link below.

Thanks for reading.

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