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Hodl or Hive - Let's deep dive!

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9 months ago

It has been bothering me for a while. The question of whether it makes sense to HODL Bitcoin or keep invested (powered up) in Hive.

Therefore let's take a deep dive.

I've taken the data for the last 2 years from for both Bitcoin and Hive (Hive data only goes back this far) and checked how they have progressed each month. All charts I have created myself.

Here you can see the Bitcoin/Hive ratio for the last 2 years. This is how many Hive it took to buy a Bitcoin. We can see the peak where Hive was at its lows at the beginning of 2021 and since then has gone from strength to strength. Hive seems to be getting stronger in relation to Bitcoin.

The next chart tracks the month-on-month % change in price. Here we can see that Hive is tracking Bitcoin quite well but has had a couple of large volatile peaks.

Here we can see the progress of the Bitcoin price against the Hive ratio. We can see clearly that it paid to hold Bitcoin initially but then from the lows in early 2021, it would have paid big time to hold Hive and we are seeing the prices tracking each other better and actual Hive strength against Bitcoin.

Here we can see the progress of the Hive chart for the last 2 years. It has had some tremendous growth. It is also around 50% below its ATH.

Here we can see the chart for Bitcoin for the last 2 years which also looks impressive. The potential growth has been larger in Hive than in Bitcoin, but it is still impressive. The price in Bitcoin seems stronger than in Hive with the price still only around 25% off the ATH.

What are your thoughts about Bitcoin and Hive?

What strategy are you following?

Thanks for reading.



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Written by   57
9 months ago
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