HK Harvesting My First Crop In Mexico & Afghanistan

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Hello Play2Earn Gamers,

As you saw in my last report, I bought my first land in Mexico and planted my first seeds. Well, it is already harvesting time as these grow much faster than the ones in South America. Therefore I needed to do my first harvest.

I actually have two pieces of land in Mexico growing for me and I hope they will both provide me with a bumper crop. First of all I went to Mexico on the map to check on my crops.

As you can see, one is nearly fully grown and it says "Harvest Time". Therefore I click on the button and harvested my crop.
For this, I received a bumper 496 CROP. This is worth around $0,05 which is pretty good going.

The thing to make sure of is that you don't pay more BUDS for your seeds than what you will earn.

I then replanted my new seeds into my empty plot in Mexico. This time I will get 397 BUDS I think. I now need to wait 6 days and it added the required water of 912.

The water is quite expensive and could take up to half of my profits. Therefore it may make sense to try and get a water tower or look at another aspect of HashKings, such as becoming a water baron. This means producing water for the farmers. There are so many aspects to this game that I am discovering each day.

Next, I checked on my land in South America. Here I need to wait one more day and I should get a harvest of 276 BUDS. This will be pretty good!

Finally, I mentioned that I was thinking to buy new land in Afghanistan. Well, I went ahead and purchased that and planted some seeds. Here you can see that I should earn even more BUDS here, 852 to be exact. But it will require much more water. Checking in on the status, it says it needs watering. So I water it and it's also ready for harvest!

I then realise I need some more seeds for a new crop. I, therefore, check which ones I can use. Armed with this information I go to NFTMart and look to buy some.


The best value I thought seems to be the Afghani. It will produce around 1100 BUDS, but I calculate the CROP yield and it is not really worth it. Therefore I check further.

Finally, I find some Lashkar Gam, these should produce me around $0,04 of profit so it could be worth planting these. I buy two seeds for my next two harvests. I then plant the first one and am all set for the next harvesting round.

Thanks for joining me on this journey.

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