Getting started on Opensea - looking for my first NFT!

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1 year ago

When I first heard about NFTs last year, I immediately thought to myself, who would buy something like that? It sounds like a scam. You've got to be an idiot to pay so much money for a jpeg that anyone can just copy.

Since then I've learned that NFTs are the future and the smart contracts behind them could mean we could be buying anything as an NFT from now on. Fast forward to today and I have connected my Metamask wallet and created my profile on Opensea. NFT Ready!! 


The next steps are to look for some NFTs that I am interested in. You can click on Explore or type in some search term for anything you are particularly interested in.



As you can see from the below description, when buying an NFT, you can be buying something very special. I think this is what is going to make NFTs so special and revolutionise the future. At first, we can be purchasing things from artists but we may buy a simple purchase like your dining table through an NFT in the future to some complicated financial purchases like a house to live in.



Very often you can find a very limited edition product that gives you so much more than the original product. Like here I would get a limited pass that is stored on the blockchain and get access to the artist and community members area. Very often you may be able to use the product as you like and then resell it later and as it is a limited product, the value could actually increase in value! 

How the NFT space is going to progress is very exciting and I am looking forward to getting involved.

Have you bought some NFTs yet?

How was your experience?

Thanks for reading.



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