Getting Nerdy with ListNerds - My Experience After 1 Month

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2 years ago

My last ListNerds update was after my first week and starting my first mailing campaign, so we are due an update on my progress and journey so far.

I have been using ListNerds for over a month now and just the free version until the start of May.

Participating in the #LarryIsAlive competition has kept me disciplined to use ListNerds each day and curate emails and earn ListNerds tokens.

In addition, I have won the competition 3 times and have received delegations of 3000 ALIVE and CTP tokens which have helped to boost my crypto earnings.

For more information about the competition, click here.

Completing at least 10 emails a day has allowed me to understand what emails I like best and would upvote and what email mistakes to avoid making.

It has also allowed me to interact with some of the top content producers on hive by the curation of their content as they use the ListNerds service.

It has also allowed me to expand my network by engaging in the comments sections and also to earn extra crypto by often receiving upvotes and tips.

I have also gained some followers for my own account just through the curation alone.

Sending mail

There is no real sending or receiving emails, as you have an inbox on the ListNerds website, but I have also sent 4 emails now as you are able to send 1 per week on the free service. My first 2 of these didn't get enough upvotes to be verified and earn me any ListNerds.

However, my third one did and earnt me over 100 ListNerds as part of my share of the daily pool. The current buy price on Hive Engine for ListNerds tokens is 1.5 Hive, which looks like a pretty good return for reading emails.

There is however a 10-week delay to unstake ListNerds and the price could go down by then.

Sending a mail also gave a large boost to my upvotes and author income on Hive. It has increased my engagement and helped me gain new followers. Therefore, using ListNerds can help with promoting your content.

Being able to upvote mails allows you to earn more ListNerds if you have a verified email. Therefore you should also try to have some CTP tokens staked on ListNerds as this gives you more voting power. I am aiming for at least 5k CTP staked.

The other good thing about that is also that you can earn CTP by having it staked on ListNerds and upvoting emails. The return of the daily pool is 60/40 in favour of those reading emails.

Another useful tip I can give is not to make the mistake and sending out your valuable emails to just 120 people like me. Instead, build up your mail tokens by reading emails and send to at least 1400-1500 so that you have a chance to get a verified email.

Once you get a verified email, you have the chance to earn ListNerds from the daily pool and this can really pay off. Once you have staked ListNerd tokens, they can earn you more tokens each day from the daily pool.

So far I've earned 112 ListNerds and some CTP daily. I've now upgraded so I can send more emails and earn more ListNerds.

Thanks for reading.

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