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For The Love Of Wine

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3 months ago

With the huge amount of appreciation for beer, I thought it was time that someone stood up for wine and take its corner. My wine collection consists of mostly Italian wine that I have brought back with me from Italy.

Therefore I went down to the basement to see my wine. The best thing about drinking wine is choosing it. There is actually a science to choosing a wine, and that is to choose one that tastes nice. The next best thing when I don't know if it tastes good is to choose one that has a nice-looking bottle.

Sometimes I like to go down and shuffle my bottles about and decide which ones I will drink when I next have wine-drinking guests. These bottles I chose because they have a green and red cap. But which one should I drink?

The perfect accompaniment to wine is to use extra large glasses, then you can have larger portions but still, look like you are just having a sip. This is a tip that my sister gave me.

Drinking wine also requires the right tools and equipment. Wine coolers and openers are popular. De-corking this bad boy was a pleasure with this power tool.

They say the best time to enjoy wine is in the summer, which I think is true. There is a but, but I think in the winter or cold times it can also be good. Drinking wine for me can get me in good spirits without getting too bloated with beer or too drunk with spirits. It is good to catch up with people over a glass of wine and some food.

In very cold times, it is also great to enjoy a glass of mulled or hot wine to warm you up. Everybody likes a glass of Glühwein at the Christmas markets.

With cleaning day finally done, it's time to sit down and enjoy a glass of wine! Cheers!

Thanks for reading.

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Written by   57
3 months ago
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