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First Games in Gods Unchained

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1 week ago

Hello, My Fellow Blockchain Gamers and Enthusiasts!

My journey into Blockchain Games continues today with my first foray into Gods Unchained. This is according to a triple-A rated game on the blockchain. What that means in reality, they would have to explain, but I have taken a look and will share with you my experience.


Gods Unchained is ranked 33 in the DappRadar rankings, which is quite low. The graphics and sound seem very slick and glossy, but before I could get to that, I needed to sign up and register which meant dealing with this many times over:

Now I'm sure having a captcha is useful and needed in some situations, but having to enter this every time you log in or load up the game has already just ruined my mood. It is one of the reasons that I hate Torum. OK, now that is out of the way, the other thing you need to be aware of is that you need to download and install the game, it doesn't run in the browser which is another annoying point.

With those annoying points out of the way, let's get on to the actual game itself. It has a play2earn element with its own $GOD token built on Ethereum. So you can play 10 battles per day and win points that determine how much crypto ($GOD) you win.

The game itself looks like this, you draw cards and can play them or power up an existing card. You then can attack your opponent's cards or opponent himself. It has animations and sound effects and is quite lively.

Two important factors are mana (health) and strength.

To attack your opponent or his cards, you drag and drop where you want to attack. It then starts animating and gives a -1 or -2 score if you are successful.

You can set your cards to individually attack your enemy.

To the right-hand side, there is a stick that you move to your opponent when you have finished your go and the opposite if it's your opponent.

There seem to be a few ways to earn here and you can choose which way suits you best.

I will first try logging in and doing 10 games per day to see if I can earn any crypto.

Thanks for reading.


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Written by   43
1 week ago
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Love Gods Unchained. Such a great game, especially being completely free and you are able to earn crypto while playing!

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1 week ago

Nice one. Another game to add to the bag!!

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1 week ago

I am curious, did you sign up already? If not, you could use my referral link:


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1 week ago

Thanks I will check it out. I played the trial to start

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1 week ago