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Earn Free Crypto Promoting Your Blog With ListNerds

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I have often heard the term that there is no such thing as a free lunch or that you can't have your cake and eat it. Well, in the world of fiat that may be true but as we know in web3.0 and the blockchain that is no longer true. I have discovered that at ListNerds, the mailer connected to the blockchain, you can literally have your cake and eat it.

Not only can you promote your blog/business or whatever takes your fancy, but you can also actually get PAID in crypto to do it!!

If we look at the FREE signup plan:

You can send a mail every 7 days plus earn 5 MAIL tokens per click.

What this means is that you can send an email to the ListNerds community and if it gets verified you can earn ListNerds tokens. From my experience, 99% of good content gets verified so this is a pretty good certainty.

How many ListNerds tokens can you earn?

The latest emails are verified at around 150 per mail and based on the data from my last report, with the lowest bid price on the Tribaldex of 0,021 Hive, you could earn 3,15 Hive per mail sent. This is $1,78 based on the latest exchange rate from coingecko.

Alternately you can leave your crypto staked earning more crypto each week. Otherwise, it takes 10 weeks to unstake and then you can sell it.

If we look back 1 month ago, a verified mail was earning around 1400 ListNerds tokens which would be based on today's price 29,4 Hive!! That would be $16,68 for promoting your blog!!! It sure pays to be early! lol


We can see that the inflation in ListNerds tokens has been reduced and that we will earn fewer ListNerds per verified mail in the future, but this will also work itself out on the price and we may end up earning more!!!


The demand for ListNerds tokens is only likely to increase in the future due to it being a governance token of the platform and therefore it brings a greater influence and staking income to its holders.

There are also many more benefits to using ListNerds in the pipeline that could prove very worthwhile to promote your blog or business and leverage your earning possibilities!!!

The first use-case is the purchase of a subscription with the ListNerds tokens has caused a huge demand for users to buy tokens due to the savings against using fiat. But there are likely even more to come!

For more information about ListNerds, check out my articles below or drop me a comment. If you are not already signed up and earning free crypto whilst promoting your blog, what are you waiting for?!

Thanks for reading.

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Written by   56
3 months ago
Topics: Earn crypto, Marketing, Defi, News, Saving, ...
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Listnerds added value to CTP token and brought us a. brand new project, love the platform :)

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3 months ago

The CTP team keep on building. The platform is great.

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