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Delivering Knock-out Punches with Queen Mycelia and Mylor Crowling

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3 months ago

I am a big fan of Mylor Crowling and Queen Mycelia. They are good fun for using against melee attack, which is my favorite attack method followed by magic. Therefore it didn't take me long to upgrade my Queen Mycelia to a level 2 to utilise her amplify skill combined with Mylor's thorns!!

My plans were quickly thwarted though when the amplify effect wasn't working for me. What could it possibly be??

After some careful research, I found out that I need a Mylor Crowling level 3 summoner in order to use a level 2 Queen Mycelia!! Devastation!! lol

I then turned my eyes to the rental market and saw that it is quite pricey (around 60 DEC per day) to rent a Mylor level 3 summoner. I'm not sure I would earn enough playing to pay for it. I have now rented it anyway and boy is it good!!!

The extra 3 thorns reflection attack just tips my enemy over the edge so much that they can't recover!! haha, Take that!!!

Season Update

After my huge 50K power delegation of Chanseus the Great ended last season from the awesome NFT Hunter, I had a massive power deficit to fill. The boost took me to Gold II, but now I didn't have enough to get even to Silver I again, let alone back in Gold. However, with some arrangements, I managed to rent some cards and have enough power to go to Gold III where I am sitting now.

I would like to have at least gold chests for my season rewards and need to consider how I can strengthen my deck with useful cards and enough power to play in the league that I want.

So far I have 23 gold chests for my EoS bounty and am picking up some nice hauls in my daily focus quests too. With the switch to SPS *staked *rewards, I have noticed that my liquidity is much lower and I have less flexibility than before.

I want to build up my SPS stake, so this isn't a problem for me right now and the returns seem good at 44% or whatever it is. I'm not sure what the inflation is on that though! lol

My win/loss ratio is doing better so far this season. I'm not sure if that is because I have been playing better, have better cards, or is it just luck? My win ratio stands at just short of 63% which is a big improvement over last season.

Splinterlands News

There seems to be something new happening all the time with Splinterlands and September is no different. There is the new Riftwatchers mini-set that will be released shortly and also the new Tower Defense game.

Both will probably be amazing and fun to get involved in. With my main focus on Splinterlands and my modern/CL packs, I'm not sure if I will be buying any presale packs until the FOMO kicks in.

If you haven't watched Splinterlands TV yet, check it out as there are loads of people there and you can learn some good things about tactics and cards from the community. There are also lots of competitions running. My favorite day to watch is Wednesday, so maybe see you there.

That's it for my update this week.

Thanks for reading.


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Written by   56
3 months ago
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