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dCrops Update including Farm Upgrades

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2 months ago

The season is still not over and I have harvested some more wheat. This is going to be a bumper crop for me this season.

This resulted in me getting four more wheat crops to add to my haul.

This meant that I would need to buy some more seeds to replant for the rest of the season.

I decided to buy some more fertile land and 2 average land.

This effectively doubled the size of my farm.

You can see in my cards, I now have 4 average and 2 fertile land. This should give my crop haul a nice boost.

I also decided to buy some wheat seeds so that I have plenty of seeds to plant. They are on cooldown though, so no more planting for this season. I will wait for the start of autumn.

Thanks for reading.


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Written by   54
2 months ago
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