DCrops - The Opening of Hodl Farm

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With the launch of the new Beta Edition of DCrops being launched, I thought it would be a good time to get my Worzel Gummidge hat on and get my farm open.

What has got me most excited about having my own farm, apart from earning a stack load of crypto is the chance to drive my own combine harvester:

To be a proper farmer, I understand that I also need to drink large amounts of cider:

I do not have such good memories of drinking cider though. It has never agreed with me. The rough cider that they drink in the English west country in particular I would not be able to hold even a swig down.

-Tractor driving
-Cider drinking

Now that I am ready to get to work on the farm and know what is required, I can take a look at DCrops.

DCrops is a blockchain-based game on the Hive. It runs on CROP tokens that are fully tradable on the Hive Engine. Looking at the price, they have remained pretty stable in the last months.

The new Beta Edition will be open for pre-sale from the 25th of July, so until then I need to look at some Alpha cards to get started.

To do this, I bought a DCALPHA token in Hive Engine. It is a pack of 5 cards and cost me 9.438 Hive. This is more than the $2 that the packs originally cost.

Armed with my Alpha pack, I proceeded to try and open it and see if I had any land plots. I understand to get started, I need some land and seeds.

First, after asking for help in the Discord channel, I transferred the pack into the game as below:

Pack Opening

Next, I opened my pack, hoping for some land. I've never opened a pack in any of the blockchain games, so it was like losing my virginity.

I was lucky and had the Average Farmland included. This means I don't need to buy on the market extra. To buy on the market would cost 2.18 Hive or 899 CROP tokens. Considering the CROP tokens ask price for 899 is 3,02 Hive, it makes sense to buy them in Hive if you need to buy the cards.

I'm not sure why the price difference or if it is the CROP token value is higher at the moment?

To price up my pack on the market:
Average Farmland 2.18 / 899
Brocolli 0.709 / 210 x 2
Wheat 1.044 / 329
Pumpkin 0.68 / 340

Total : 5,322 vs 9,438 Hive.

It would make sense to just buy the cards individually here.

Getting Started

Next, I needed to start (I presume) planting my seeds and growing some crops. Probably I need more land, but will first figure out how my first land plot works!

This I managed to do by clicking on the green tractor. I could then select one of my 2 broccoli seeds to plant. Afterward, it shows me the screen above.

In 5 days I will get something, I'm not quite sure what! lol, 2 CROP tokens? I will keep you updated.

As part of my plans to go off-grid and be self-sustainable, I need to get Hodl Farm up and running and am keen to expand it. So I'm hovering around the market for some extra land.

That's all for today though. Thanks for visiting Hodl Farm.


Title picture made in canva with image from source and source
Screenshots from DCrops game.
Hive Engine screenshot from Hive Engine


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