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Crypto And The Wim Hof Method

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5 months ago

Wim Hof, who is better known as the "Ice Man", is able to withstand extreme cold.  He is best known for standing in a container while covered in ice cubes and swimming underneath the ice.   Some of his extraordinary achievements include climbing Mount Kilimanjaro in shorts and running a full marathon in the Namib Desert without drinking.

Wim Hof's idea of cooling down


Realise your full potential

How can the Wim Hof method help your crypto portfolio you may ask?  By adopting the Iceman's motto of "what I am capable of, everybody can learn", you can tap your inner potential and learn and grow your knowledge about Crypto without having to invest decades worth of study.  The biggest improvement you can make to your portfolio is to grow your knowledge about Crypto and the technologies behind it.  Chasing the highest yield or the latest trend will not lead to portfolio growth.

What benefits will knowledge bring you?

Is mass Crypto adoption around the corner?


According to the latest Wells Fargo report, Crypto is at the start of a massive adoption cycle similar to that of the internet.  I was an early adopter of the internet and remember dialing up to BBS (Bulletin Boards) before we even had web browsers and broadband internet.  The technology was clumsy and not easy to use, a bit similar to Crypto now.. but things moved fast back then, and getting connected and using services became easier as the number of users increased.  

Therefore if you start growing your knowledge about this soon-to-be, mass-adopted technology, you will get a competitive advantage.  According to marketing strategy theory,  these advantages could be a significant advantage.  For example, the access and ability to purchase resources cheaply.  If you have a business, things such as brand recognition and brand loyalty will have had more time to build traction.  We can already see the very very early adopters to crypto, those that bought Bitcoin for €5 or even €100.  They are now Crypto Whales and have a great advantage in that they can earn more "Passive" income with crypto as their liquidity is in such demand.


Applying the method

The Iceman says that taking a cold shower is the best training. He recommends when building up your resistance to taking cold showers, first start with baby steps.  On the first day, you should stay for 2 seconds under the cold shower.  The next day for 3 seconds, and so on to build up your experience and strength slowly.  I would recommend the same with your Crypto knowledge and portfolio.  Set some small goals, such as reading one crypto article for 5 minutes per day and build up from there. But then, very importantly... take action!  Once you have learned some things, start to apply that knowledge.

Reading and learning about Crypto isn't enough, you need to take action!

Thanks for reading and keep stacking.

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Written by   38
5 months ago
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