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Bitcoin and Ethereum Performance Review - the case for HODL

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11 months ago

Welcome to my monthly review of the blue chip cryptos Bitcoin and Ethereum. It has been an eventful month for sure with the news in Ukraine and Russia.  On the one side, you have people sending crypto to help people in Ukraine.  On the other side, with all the sanctions against Russia, there are people who will want to get their money out of or into Russia and crypto would be the method to use.

First lets have a look at Bitcoin.

We can see it was a good month for Bitcoin due to a surge on the last day of the month.  Otherwise it could have been quite flat.  If we look at the picture for YTD, it looks quite different:

Here we can see that we are still in minus for the year and didnt reach above the key starting price in january.  It is important to always zoom out and look at things from a longer term perspective, and this is how it looks like for Bitcoin:

Here we can see that we are still in a minus situation after 1 year. This isn't necessarily bad if you have been using the DCA strategy and are accumulating in the flat stage.  For further perspective, lets zoom out the full 5 year and see what it shows:

Over the 5 year period we still have a fantastic greater than 3000% increase!  Now let's take a look at Ethereum.

In February we also had some recovery in the price of Ethererum, but it was not as strong as with Bitcoin. 

When looking at the performance YTD, we also have still a large 21% drop.  Is this still a good buying opportunity or are we in a bear market?

If we look at the 1 year performance, we can see that, unlike Bitcoin, with Ethereum, we are still up 100% instead of in a loss making position.

If we zoom out further for the 5 year performance, we can see that Ethererum has absolutely smashed it with a greater than 12000% return! Of course, this assumes you purchased 5 years ago and didnt buy or sell since then, whereas most people follow a DCA strategy.  I will review this performance in another post.

Thanks for reading.

Chart source from Google Finance

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Written by   57
11 months ago
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