Trial 1-2-3: Liver tantuni :))

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Hello friends. How are you.

I have been making my own bread at home for a long time.

I am very happy with this situation.

I solved the formula and I hope I will continue to do it.

I went to the market today.

I would have bought fish if I could find it, but unfortunately the fish I wanted was not available.

There were fish of the fishbone lake. I don't prefer them either.

So I turned my direction from market to market. I took a glance at the meat section of the market.

Normally, I thought I would make a tantuni with ground beef or cubed meat, but I decided to buy liver.

My son didn't like it when I cooked liver.

This time, I thought, when I said french fries, salad, ketchup in a small lavash, it would boil in between.

I even said maybe he likes it. I wouldn't know until I tried. I bought half a kilo of liver. I took my other needs and went home.

I cut the liver into small cubes. I put half a spoon of domestic oil and half a spoon of butter in the pan. I roasted my lungs until the water was gone. I added the spices (cumin, thyme, ground pepper, salt) on it and mixed it. I added half a glass of water, closed the lid and let it cook. It's already cooking in a short time. I turned off the stove when it was cooked, stirring occasionally.

The bread I made earlier was finished. I had to make it in the lavash.

I decided to make both bread and lavash from the same dough.

I mixed flour-water-salt-yeast. Normally, I was making bread by measuring 1.5 cups of hot water into a large soft drink glass.

I kneaded it with 2 glasses of hot water. It was enough for both bread and lavash. We are already 3 people, 7 lavash is enough (2-2-3) :))

I kneaded the dough with hot water and fresh yeast, it almost overflowed in half an hour. The cover is dough. I separated 7 meringues from the dough for lavash, shaped the rest and made bread. I also put my bread, which was fermented on a baking tray, into the oven. And I opened all my lavash pieces one by one and put them on the table where I laid a clean cloth. I covered them so they wouldn't dry out. When my opening process was finished, I cooked my lavash in a pan that I heated in a small tube. All of them were so well cooked with leavened yeast. Inflate and swell like a balloon. As the lavash swells, my seats swell. As if I have done a very important job smoothly :))))

When the lavash was ready, I added sumac and pomegranate syrup to the finely chopped onion.

I made some green salad.

My wife and I enjoyed it, but although my son ate it, I cannot say that he liked liver very much.

I think he would prefer cubed meat or chicken in lavash :))

There is no such thing as always loving everything.

I think it is very important that the liver is fresh.

The liver I bought was not very fresh, I guess.

It would be much tastier if it was fresh.

It was a nice menu, but when I make it again, I will also choose chicken or ground meat for my son..

Thank you for reading my post.

See you in my next post.

Enjoy yourselves...

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