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Our Traditional Taste KESKEK😋😋

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6 months ago

I will give you the recipe of the one of the precious of our food culture, which is the crown of our holidays and special days. Before its recipe, I would like to share the story of the keskek with you.

It is learned that Yavuz Sultan Selim will return to his hometown Amasya on his return from the Iran expedition. When an old woman heard the news in one of the villages on the road, she wanted to offer a plate of food to the sultan. And whatever he finds in his poor house, he starts to boil it. He has little meat, so that it is not noticed, he puts meat under the earthen pot and a bowl of split and a bowl of chickpeas on top and fills it with water. As the cube heats up in the fire, the food loses its water. As the water in the cube decreases, it adds water on it. Finally, in the first light of the morning, he sees the sultan's soldiers coming. The old woman crosses the road excitedly. He asks the sultan, as if begging he will not send a bowl of buttermilk without having a ladle of it tasted. Soldiers who cannot stand this insistence are forced to take a break. The rib meat, which had been simmering for hours in the oven, melted like Turkish delight. Soldiers don't like the look of food. A soldier turns to the old woman; "I wish it was meat," she says. The woman stirs a cube well with a wooden ladle and removes the meat on the ribs. "Look again, son," she says. They taste it again. The sultan eats this meal with pleasure; He asks the head chef to make this dish when he goes to Amasya and to distribute it to the whole army. “The taste of a dish is not in the richness of its ingredients, but in the breadth of the heart of the cook, in his hospitality…”

This recipe, which was transferred from village to village, from city to city from those days, has also become an indispensable part of our weddings, holidays and special days.

Let's get to the recipe;


-2 cups of ashura wheat

-300 gr. bony meat

-2 spoonful butter

-1 tablespoon of ground pepper


-Black pepper


Let's wet our wheat the day before. Let's add enough water to cover the wheat in our pot and boil it.

Let's cook our meat in a pressure cooker with enough water (let's put enough water to cover the meat).

After the meat is cooked, let's take our wheat in our pressure cooker. Let's add the broth to the meat and cook it.

If you want, you can also use the blender a few times after cooking under pressure. Let's melt the butter in a pan, add the ground pepper and heat it up. Let's add a spoon to our cake. Let's separate our cooked meat from the bones like Turkish delight in a pressure cooker.

Let's add it to our pancakes. Bon Appetit. We ate fondly. If you haven't eaten it before, I hope you try my recipe and serve this flavor to yourself and your loved ones with pleasure :)) Bon appetit.

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Written by   3
6 months ago
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