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How To Do Rand McNally Gps Update? Rand Mcnally Gps Customer Service 

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5 months ago
Rand McNally GPS Update

Have you ever thought that why is it necessary to complete Rand McNally Gps Update? Gps devices have become an important part of all of our lives. Isn’t it? We can now go anywhere we want. We just need to enter the location in the Gps device and your journey will be started at the very next moment.

But, if you will not Update Rand Mcnally Maps then you may have to deal with certain issues. So, do read this guide completely and repeat all the steps in the same order. Before the end of this guide, you will get to know all the steps to complete Rand McNally Gps Update.

Prerequisites for Rand McNally Gps Update

Before you proceed to do the Rand Mcnally Map Updates, your system needs to fulfill the following requirements.

  • Operating system: Windows or Mac

  • Windows: Windows Vista, 7, 8, 10

  • Windows computers: .Net framework 3.5 or above

  • MAC: OS X 10.5 and higher, Intel-based only

  • Hard Disk Space: Free space up to 8 GB

  • Other Requirements: JavaScript

  • Web Browsers: Safari 4+, Chrome 4+, IE7+, Firefox 3+, etc

How To Download Rand Mcnally Dock Software?

To complete the update of Rand Mcnally Lifetime Maps, it is very necessary to download Dock software. Hence, here are the steps that will help you to complete the download.

  1. Your computer device should be connected with the available internet connection.

  2. Open the current web browser in your system.

  3. Open the official website for Rand McNally.

  4. Choose the appropriate link to download the Rand Mcnally Gps Software.

  5. Click on the “Save” file at the desired place in the system from where you can easily find it later.

  6. Once the file will be completely downloaded, open it and click on “Run” for installation.

  7. Wait for a while and the software will be installed in your system.

Hence, for the next time whenever you find that Rand Mcnally Gps Update is required, this software will help you.

Steps To Do Rand Mcnally Map Updates

It is very necessary to update the Gps device after a regular interval of time. This will not help your device to function properly but also help you to enjoy all the new features. Below are the steps to complete Rand Mcnally Update:

  1. Charge your Gps device completely.

  2. Remove it from the vehicle and connect to the computer via Usb cable.

  3. Once it will be connected, turn it ON by pressing the power button.

  4. Launch the Rand McNally Dock software now.

  5. Wait for a while until the initial setup will not be completed.

  6. Once the software is opened, it will itself detect the connected Gps device. (You may be asked to complete the registration if you don’t have an account yet).

  7. From the given list, choose the update for your Gps device.

  8. Wait until the process for Rand McNally Gps Update will not be completed.

  9. Remove the device from your computer and then connect it back to the vehicle.

How To Get Rand Mcnally Update For Tablets?

If you are having a tablet and you don’t know how to update the Gps device then here are the steps to do so:

  1. The battery in your tablet should be more than 60%.

  2. Turn ON the tablet and then connect it to the available internet connection.

  3. In the Main Menu, click on the notification.

  4. From the list of all the available updates, download the suitable one for your Gps device.


In this article, I have told you each and everything that is required to complete the Rand McNally Gps Update. Hence, it would be easy for you to do the update the next time by yourself. You can also take the help of Rand Mcnally Gps Customer Service. With their knowledge and experience, they will help you to complete the update easily. To know more about Rand McNally Gps device, you can visit our website Gps Helpline.

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5 months ago
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