Worth watching the k-dramas part 1

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1 year ago


Greetings to all. hope everyone is doing healthy and fine.

These dramas are the ones that I personally watched and really loved them.


1. Empress ki

It was the first drama that I watched in my native language... I liked this drama so far...

it is the story of a woman who is strong enough to represent her country and work for the nation...

2. Revenge note

Both seasons of revenge note are one of the best high school dramas that I watched and it was quite interesting how the revenge note work...

back in the day I also wished that I also have a revenge note so I could also put peace in my surrounding without coming as rude and arrogant.

3. Moon lovers scarlet heart ryeo

It is a historical drama about who will be the future king of the nation and who is the traitor among the princes, It is quite an interesting and thrilling drama and I love to watch it again for the first time.... the whole drama is amazing and it doesn't go bored until the end... If you are upto sad ending dramas and a lot of tears go and watch it.

4. Flower of Evil

Flower of evil is a psychological drama and it is very amazing and quite interesting... It's a crime mystery drama...

5. Vincenzo

I like Vincenzo very much and after watching it I love to watch similar dramas like Vincenzo... Dark mafia drama that gives thrilling and exciting energy to watch...

It's also a comedy and crime, mystery drama that will engage you until the end...

6. Strong women do bong soon

Strong women do bong soon is one of the rom-com and mystery that gives you a full laugh and you will enjoy it watching...

7. All of us are dead

All of us are dead gives me goosebumps... and it was the first movie series that I watched with my sister in order to not get the terrible experience of zombies coming out of the screen... I was scared watching this... but I am waiting for its season two.

8. Kill me heal me

Kill me heal me is a psychological drama that I love to watch again . and through this drama, I learned about the personality disorder problem... and I like its ost... It's also a rom-com drama with a thrilling experience that will give you a belly laugh...

9. Haunted house

The haunted house is a ghost drama with a strong female lead, I like a strong female lead that will encourage me that I can stand on my toes on my own... And I can also pamper myself...

10. What's wrong with secretary Kim

It's a popular rom-com drama that will give you sweet vibes while watching it... those who love sweet office romance will love this drama very much...


Thank you for reading this I will give you more suggestions to watch amazing dramas if you are a lover...

It's just a part one.

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1 year ago


All of us are Dead it's my favorite but until now I couldn't move on the ending. I'm so sad for Cheong San. 😭

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1 year ago

Before I am also addicted in watching some Kdramas. I remember finishing a series in one day only haha.

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1 year ago

Kdramas are quite exciting and thrilling I was also addictive back in days but now I only watch on vacation.

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1 year ago