I want to adopt a pet

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Greetings to all, hope everyone is doing healthy and fine...

I went to college after a week's vacation from the college of Eid-ul-fitr. I usually get migraine headaches and nausea when I went to college... I am not able to find out why I got it when I went to college... I think it's because I can't sit or stand in a gathering for a long time... and our class has over 30 students.... its the aftermath of panic I think or maybe because of iron deficiency...


Let's talk about today's article/ blog ...

I want to adopt an animal or bird... but my mum never will allow it...

I remember when I was in FSC of medical sciences we went to an invitation of dinner from my uncle my father's brother... we had fun and saw that they have many pairs of parrots... they want to gift us one pair... my mother said no but after a lot of requests she finally agrees so all of our family members took care of them they love them a lot we got a new addition in our home everyone was happy.... but after one year we gave them environment to mate but they were unable to do so so I ask my aunt who gave me the pair she said they were lovely back in here so try to give them some preferable condition but nothing happens...

When I was going to the examination hall for my first final exam of the final year I saw right before leaving home that a male parrot is dead without having any disease... so I cried on the way to the exam... my mother was so sad that she gave the female parrot back to my aunt and never again allow us to pet any animal...

I want to adopt a cat

I hear a lot that cat brings prosperity to the household and the pure... and I also love them because they seem pure and cute and one of my reason to adopt a cat is that they are not that nosy and they don't litter around the house if we train them...

But my mother said if you buy your own house and have a huge space to wander around so you can have a cat but you have to wait...

It's sad that I can't pet them because of a tight schedule...

One day I was sitting by the window of my house and the cat was resting on the net of our main door so he play with us I gave him food and took him some pictures...

My brother bought

After Eid-ul-Fitr my brother has an Eidi so he wants ted to buy something he went out and bought a pink color chic it was so cute and tiny... I play with them a little but they are born in artificial heat I don't know what to call this process but I know that they don't live that last... they have a short life span my brother went back and return them because the little chic was making noise and he thought he was going to die so he returns it... I was sad because I thought I will be able to pet it but could not... no worries I have my siblings to annoy I will just annoy them...

Thank you for reading until the end.

The above picture are mine 

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Pets do become like your family and it's a bit heart breaking as well cuz they don't last forever

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4 months ago

I hope someday you can have your own pet too.

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