Komman son of paris sant German

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3 years ago

Koeman, 24, who was born in Paris, was the one who scored Bayern Munich's victory, on Sunday, against his former team, who grew up in its ranks for nearly 10 years, since he was eight years old.

The Parisians will long, with sorrow, remember their "barren" son who prevented their team from winning their first Champions League trophy, after scoring Bayern's only goal in the 59th minute with a header.

Coman only played 4 games with the first team for Saint-Germain, before deciding to leave for Juventus, Italy, in an adventure that only lasted one season, before moving to the Bavarian giant in 2015.

Despite his young age, his career witnessed many injuries, which the son of Paris managed to overcome to fight with Bayern so far 161 matches, during which he scored 33 goals.

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3 years ago