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When will the altcoin bull season start?

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1 week ago

Since the beginning of October, Bitcoin has had a massive rise, but a similar rally has yet to come from altcoins. There is a general belief in the market that altcoins will follow the current Bitcoin rise. The news sites and experts I follow converge on this expectation. then what is the answer to the question of when altcoins will rise? common point in my research 1) Altcoins have not yet entered the bull season. 2) altcoins do not move in parallel with bitcoin, contrary to expectations. For the answer to the question of when the altcoin bull happens, in the dominance data, which shows the market weight of bitcoin. During altcoin bull periods, dominance drops rapidly. There has been a horizontal movement since the beginning of summer. Altcoin weight is increasing after the 49-50 dominance effect. that is, money enters the market with Bitcoin and flows towards altcoins. As of October, Bitcoin dominance increased. Now we can say that we have reached the saturation point. Now it's time to change the direction of the money. It is now thought that money will flow towards altcoins. I also have this belief.

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