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9 months ago
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Do you remember all the things that made you who you are now ? I am constantly revisiting and remembering things that put me on the road to where I am now but somehow forgot or misplaced but still are dear to me. It is these things that make us who we are but that we can also share and find like minded souls and new friends.

For me it may be a tv show that I was a fan of or a new programming language or film that hasn't been seen for a while but is worth catching up on. It is these type of things that I will write about in the hope it might spark some memories or create new ones for you.

I hope you join me in a journey of both nostalgia and discovery and together we may learn something.

For example the image I uploaded is from St Ives in Cornwall England which may seem unremarkable but it is the very same spot where the film Raise the Titanic shot certain scenes that made it into the film... If you haven't seen it check it out.

Lets go down memory lane, traverse new paths and fire up those neuro transmitters !!!

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