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hello👋 here's my another article about having a fit and healthy body.

for mushroom🍄lovers

here is the simple and easy preprations for guys...

products is;

portabello mushroom or any mushrooms that you like,it's okay😉

1 1/2 tsps sage


1/2 lb ground sausage

1/3 green pepper


preheat oven to 400 fahrenheit and chop green pepper and onion.

heat a large skillet over medium heat. once hot add the ground sausage and onion to cook,then add green pepper and sage. remove the pan from heat once the sausage is brown.

scoop the sausage you cooked into the mushrooms,filling them completely.

place the mushrooms on a baking pan with baking sheet and bake for 15mins.

that's it😊

stay healthy everyone😉💖

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This passage is about diet food. Without diet we can not live happily. Thanks a lot. Keeping your writing.

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3 years ago

thanks also for your time reading my article. will post most very soon. about diets😉 Godbless and take care😊

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3 years ago

Diet is more important to our health. Any junk food and colestrol are destroy our health. So we need to diet. And eat healthy food.

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3 years ago

exactly sir. we have to eat balance to be healthy😄thank you for reading my article😊 stay fit and healthy😉take care☺

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3 years ago