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Proximity Cloud: The Latest Cloud Product Evolution Designed for Markets

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3 months ago

Proximity Cloud: The latest evolution of a cloud product designed for markets

Coinciding with the 2021 recap, CEO Gordon MacArthur and his team at Beeks unveiled the latest product, Proximity Cloud.

Beeks Group has been a leading provider of managed cloud computing, connectivity and analytics capabilities to the global capital and financial services markets since 2011.

During that time, they have honed their approach to providing infrastructure and software development, responding directly to their customers' needs and requirements. Beeks' mission is to provide ultra-low latency computing power, maximize security and optimize performance in the extremely fast-paced capital markets sector.

Proximity Cloud is a pre-configured trading environment platform designed to meet the needs of the capital markets and financial institutions.

Unique development for financial markets

While managed cloud providers offer generic cloud computing solutions, Proximity Cloud has grown from expertise, experience and knowledge gained exclusively from supporting financial trading companies.

"We have a long and unique history of providing on-demand computing in the financial services industry," says MacArthur. "We know the challenges our customers face, and Proximity Cloud is our most comprehensive offering to date. We're committed to eliminating some of the risk and much of the cost that comes with back-end infrastructure solutions and making it much easier to deliver value to the business."

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