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When I first came to Kolkata, I cut my hair all the time. Lots of cheap here. I have calculated that if it is more in an expensive salon like Green Leaf, I pay two and a half hundred rupees. At least twelve hundred is counted as money in that standard store in Manhattan! And you know what the first black-head said to do? Like black dots on the skin. I don't remember now why he gave the first scientific explanation of why they are. But I remember going to a beauty parlor in Lower Manhattan on the advice of my first girlfriend Francisca to get a blackhead. The work of lifting is not difficult at all বস a thin plastic tube or faucet is placed on the black-head and removed from the skin by a vacuum pull. Before that, of course, the skin has to be loosened with steam on the face. As a result, it does not hurt so much. Then apply cream cream on the face and wipe it with a towel. Absolutely shiny clean face!

It cost us a whopping 100 to do it in Manhattan! I was under a lot of pressure from Francisca. The same work can be done at Green Leaf in Kolkata for 800 rupees. I also saw one do it last year. The equipment is almost the same, the beautician wearing gloves of latex, the cream that he gives to the face is also seen in Alo Vera… Manhattan. So can be done. Mom would be happy if she did, she said a few days ago, "Hmmm, those black dots are back in your face."

.I saw only one of the girls I knew in Green Leaf. The receptionist wanted to know what we wanted to do. A phone call from my mother at the time I was going to answer. I moved a little and picked up the phone. My mother's medicine for pressure is gone, so I bought it when I got home. When I finished the phone, I saw that Pramath was sitting in a chair with the girl he knew. The whole two chairs on the side are empty, but there is no beautician there. I don't know what Pramath said, the receptionist asked me, "Do you do haircuts and facials too?"

My idea was to do a lot more in full-facials. So I said, “I will cut my hair and remove the blackhead. Do you have to do a full-facial for that? ”

"Okay, you sit down, I'll give you the news inside."

The seating area is quite spacious. A large sofa, two seats on the opposite side and two chairs on the side. Long coffee table in the middle. I saw a variety of magazines - Bengali, English, a few Hindi - on a wall. From there I picked up India Today and sat down. Within a couple of minutes a girl wearing hijab and niqab with big sunglasses came out of a room inside. At first I thought the customer. No, that's what works here, beautician.

"Come on, sir."

I felt uncomfortable. At the end, a girl wearing hijab will cut her hair, wearing sunglasses on her! I woke up reluctantly. The girl sat me in the chair next to Pramathar. Covering her body with a sheet, she asked, "Plain haircut, you don't want to give shampoo, do you?"

"All right."

"And remove the blackhead?"

"Exactly, there's nothing else to do."

I saw the girl did not open the sunglasses. The whole face is covered with hijab, niqab and sunglasses.

"Can you see the blackheads through sunglasses?" He slipped out of his mouth.

"Of course I can."

Muslim girl, I do not want to show my face, but I do not understand why it is so difficult to show eyes! When I first saw him, he turned his head and looked at me and smiled. How the idea is seized

I had no reason to worry. The girl is efficient. Just like in New York saloons, the fast hair-cutting episode ended with a few types of comb attachments with electric hair-clippers. He then wrapped a cotton pad around his finger with steam and pressed it on his forehead and cheeks. At the end of the work by running the vacuum. After picking up the blackhead, he showed me a large mirror in front of me. Really all the stains are invisible.

I expressed satisfaction, but was not released.

As I was applying a little cream, Alo Vera took a large bottle out of the drawer and asked if I was allergic to any cream. When he heard no, he tilted the chair and started applying face cream. Not being silent, I also started talking on dates.

"How long have you been working as a beautician?"

"Six years."

"But I didn't see you here last year."

"I don't work all the time, we're short-handed today, so I'm doing it."

"Oh, does that mean you're the manager?"

"You can say that, it's like a little laugh from inside the niqab. "This shop is mine."

“Yours! It's a huge chain! ” Unknowingly I could not hold back my surprise.

"All right. But I just took the franchise of this brunch. I knew the owner of Green Leaf, so I got it. ”

"But it's also a great store, my God!"

"Thank you." I can't see the face, but to my great surprise it must be full of humor.

"You probably don't live here, do you?"

"Yes, I've been abroad for years."

"Where abroad?"

“New York. I study at the university there. ” Even if the additional information was not given.

"Which subject?"

Ordinary beautician is not meant to be. I replied, "Physics."

"Very difficult subject, isn't it?"

I smiled. Then I said jokingly, “One of my graduate students is a Muslim girl. In the middle of the work I saw him sitting down to pray. The time is probably fixed. Isn't that hard for you to do? ”

"If you can do this, you can't pray on time." Short answer.

Maybe I shouldn't have asked the question, I think I'm upset. How old is the woman? I wanted to see the woman's face. What a mess! I absolutely dislike this hijab-niqab thing! Not seen f

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