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A series of victories after the market suffered losses

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8 months ago
Sharp Market Losses After Bitcoin Drops Over the Weekend to Below $40,000 for the First Time in MonthsGains against crypto over the past hours expanded to more than $160 billion, raising the market capitalization from levels close to $1.86 trillion to $2.015 trillion.

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The bitcoin rose during these periods by less than 1%, reaching levels of 42.5 thousand dollars, while its market value reached 773.7 billion dollars, and within a week it fell to the limits of 8%. .

Ethereum rose more than 3%, reaching the levels of $ 3.2 thousand, while its market value jumped to $ 360 billion.

Binance coin is up 5%, reaching $458 levels, and Solana's price is up 2%, reaching $139.

Cardano's price is up 5% to $1.2, and Ripple's stock is up 2% to $0.76.

Terra Luna Luna is up about 5% to $75, while peas are up about 7% to $26.

Avalanche, Dogecoin and Shiba Inu rose 5% to $90, $0.152 and $0.00028, respectively.

The article does not express a recommendation or an appointment, but rather a simple observation of market fluctuations, because cryptocurrency trading involves high risks, including the risk of losing all or part of the amount of money. Subject to bodies and markets.

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8 months ago
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