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To the Girl that I love the most Pt.3

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1 month ago

The month of August, I still remember.
This is our first meet.
I feel so awkward and kinda nervous because this time it's just the two of us and no other people involved I don't want to treat this one as a date. Just a simple hang-out that's only on my mind.

We decided to do a meet-up at Mall at 9:00 AM.
I woke up early, prepared my breakfast, and take a bath I choose my best suit that makes me comfortable.
A polo shirt and black jeans my typical outfit since then.

I arrived earlier than we've talked about cause I'm not familiar with the place and I know that traffic will hit anytime.

"Ohh so this is the mall?"I ordered some coffee sit
"Here's your order Sir, have a nice day!" The cashier smiled at me
"Thanks a lot" and I gave her my best smile Lol

I've been at the meeting place and waiting for her while drinking my coffee.
It's almost 9:05 in the morning and I haven't seen her also no text or call.
9:15, 9:20, ...

"Where is she? Is she's just trippin' me? It's too late" I've tried to call her but she's not answering.
"Hays I shouldn't trust that woman, maybe I'll just go" with a disappointing voice.
"Hey! Pssst!" I hear a woman's voice from behind
"Ohhhh! It's you!" I'm about to go, glad that you make it.
"Come on! I'm really sorry, so traffic and I forgot to check my phone" don't be mad
"Hmm, Okay don't be late again" and I laughed
We've ordered some foods like Fries, nuggets, spaghetti and then we eat
I tell her that we have to eat first before talking and appreciate the food on the table so we have no words while eating and I'm glad she didn't speak too.
"I'm full! thank you for the treat" She said
"Welcome, Let's go?!"

We went to the amusement park and do some crazy things.
"By the way, Is this a date? I ask her?
"Hmmm. It's up to you, but I treat this as a date" She smiled at me
"Okay, Let's ride at the Ferris wheel," I said

She pulled my hand and ran together.
While we're in the Giant Ferris wheel she said something that really makes my heart go crazy!

"Do you love me?
"Huh? sorry I can't hear you," I said
She pulls me and whispered, "I said do you love me?"
I was shocked and I don't know what to say because I love her and I really do.
"Maybe, I fall for you already," I said
"Just a YES or NO" She shouted
"YES!" I said with a lovely voice
The wind blows up and our seat stop at the top
"Look at that! the wonderful view did you see it?"
She will just be staring at me and smiling she pulls my head and give me a kiss
I was speechless and awkward.
"Hey! I didn't see it coming" I'm blushing
"Thank you for everything and she gives me a warm hug"
I don't why she's thanking me but I just Hug her back.
I want to make the time stop on that day. The feeling is so unexplainable
I'm in love I'm sure of it.

We've spent time together until 5:00 PM in the afternoon.
"Come on! I will take you to your home and she holds my hand"
"Okay let's go"
"Here we are," I said
She hugs me again "Thank you for today, I love you"

I kissed her on her forehead and say Goodbye :)

She was my first girlfriend, my first love and I've never felt that kind of feeling before.

I'm gonna put an end to this story to make it short HAHA
tomorrow will be the last and heartbreaking ending. Adios!

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Written by   135
1 month ago
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