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Power Nap

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What is Nap?
A nap is a short period of sleep and it is usually taken during the day.
Some people found naps so helpful and help them to recharge while others find naps disruptive to their sleep.
Not all naps are the same or created equal sometimes it depends on your own body clock.

Naps have a category and functions and these are:

  • Essential Nap - This kind of Naps taken when you are sick allows you to recover and heal from illness.

  • Appetitive Nap - For enjoyment and also to optimize your mood you can feel sudden energy upon waking.

  • Prophylactic Nap - A preparation for sleep loss, to stay awake and prevent sleepiness this is applicable to Night shift workers.
    Example: Security Guards, Call centers, etc.

  • Recovery Nap - If you are up late or have interrupted sleep one night, you might take a recovery nap the next day to compensate for sleep loss.

  • Fulfillment Nap - This one is applicable for children as they need a greater time for sleep. This kind of naps are often scheduled into the days of infants and toddlers and can occur spontaneously in children of all ages.

    Best time of Nap

    The best or ideal time length for Nap longed 10-20 minutes and that is called
    "The Power Nap" increases your mental alertness and recovery without feeling dizzy or sleepy afterward.

    Here are some benefits of Napping

  • Reducing sleepiness5

  • Improving learning6

  • Aiding memory formation7

  • Regulating emotions8

    Napping is really effective especially when you are stress and anxiety attacks.

    I just feel sleepy so I'm going to take a power nap hehez. Bye all

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Written by   135
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